Dance The New Irish Rover 13693

Reel · 32 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 3142)

Devised by
Anselm Lingnau
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Devised: 2003-04

Devised: 2003-04

The New Irish Rover 4/4L · R32

1c dance down | cast up round 3c (3c down) while 4c dance up (making arch) | cast off round 2c (2c up)
2c+4c, 1c+3c dance RH across [4c+1c fin in center in 2pl/3pl, 4W closely behind 4M facing M's side, 1M closely behind 1W facing W's side]
½ “dolphin” Reel4 with 2M, 3W (dancing couples pass LS at end)
½ “dolphin” Reel4 with 2W, 3M
1c+4c LH across nearly halfway round
1c dance ½ Reel3 across w/2c (fin in center in 3rd pl) while 4c dance ½ Reel3 across w/3c (fin in center in 2nd pl)
4c+1c ½ RH across to sidelines [3142]
3c+1c, 4c+2c dance Rights and Lefts

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