Dance Walking on Clouds 15123

Walking on Clouds 4/4L · M128

3s+4s start on opp. sides

1s+4s cross RH, 2s+3s change place RH on side, finish 1L, 2M, 4L, 3M in middle facing »corners« ie 3L, 4M, 2L and 1M (Ladies on 1st corner diagonal, Men on 2nd corner diagonal)
All set, Ladies dance 1/2 RSh diagonal reel of 4 as Men set to facing Man and turn RH
Repeat bars 3-8 with Men dancing 1/2 diagonal reel and Ladies setting and turning RH. Finish 2M+4L, 3M+1L in middle in promenade hold, Men LSh to LSh
2M+4L dance out of Men's side, 3M+1L out of Ladies' side casting to left to enter top/bottom of set
2M+4L+3M+1L dance 1/2 RH across, stay in centre
2M+4L & 3M+1L turn RH to sides (all on sides next to partner, Lady on Man's left)
2s+4s & 1s+3s set, chase 1/4 clockwise (men cast into chase)
4s+1s set, turn partner 1/2 LH, Ladies face out
4s dance LSh round 2s (4L round 2L, 4M round 2M) as 1s dance similarly round 3s End 2 4 (1) (3)
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White Rose 2014 Demo Dances Andrew Locke Feb. 22, 2014, 7:04 p.m.

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