Dance Doodling at Dawn 17470

Jig · 32 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by
Roger Cooper
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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Extra info
The title refers to the ...

The title refers to the mental process of devising a new dance while lying awake first thing in the morning.

Doodling at Dawn 4/4L · J32

On 2nd chord, 3c+4c cross to opposite side (1,2,3x,4x)

4C Pick-up Chain, 2 bars per hand, 1c cross RH to start (3x,2x,4x,1x)
Parallel Lsh Reels4 on sideline
All set | all La Baratte (3,2,4,1)
3c+2c & 4c+1c Circle4 R ; 3c+2c S&Link while{4} 4c+1c set | cross RH (2,3,4x,1x)

Doodling at Dawn 4/4L · J32

3s & 4s start on opp sides

All dance Snowball Grand Chain for 4 couples:
1s cross RH, 1s+2s change places LH on sides, 2s cross RH as 1s+3s change places RH on sides, 2s+1s also 3s+4s change places LH on sides to end 3(2)4(1)
All 4 couples dance a reel of 4 on opposite sides. 3s+2s, 4s+1s pass LSh to begin.
All set & dance La Baratte:
Man 1/2 turns Lady RH, retaining hands but at arm's length from each other
Man retraces steps with Lady turning right under Man's arm briefly into Allemande hold (Man behind Lady facing Lady's original place) & releasing Lady's RH she turns under Man's left arm until almost in original places
Couple change places LH to opposite place
3s+2s also 4s+1s circle 4H round to right. 3s+2s Set+Link while 4s+1s set & cross RH 2 3 (4) (1)

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Nicola Scott
Added on: April 26, 2017, 9:46 a.m.
Quality: Demonstration quality

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