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Strathspey · 32 bars · 4 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by:
Prudence Edwards (1966)
8000 8202 8888 8556 = 59% (1 turn), 59% (whole dance)
Arches (ARCHES)
Dance down and up (DWNUP)
Back to Back (BKTOBK)
Strathspey travel
Published in:
A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing [237]
A Centennial Collection [1]
New Brunswick Collection [36]
Online Sources:
Recommended Music:
The Bonnie Lass o' Bon Accord (James Scott Skinner)
The Singing Bird (Traditional)

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Eric Ferguson's SCD Cribs

1W (1M following) cast off 1 place, cross to M side, cast off 1 pl, cross to W side, cast off 1 pl, cross to below 4M place opposite side (the meandering brook)
1c dance (NHJ) up under arch by 4c {2}, 1½ BH turn {4}, dance up under arch by 2c to own places {2} (bridges and pools)
1c lead down the middle, as 2c+3c+4c dance up and follow ; all face up, lead to top and cast to own places (4c leading, 1c casts too) (inverting waterfalls on the tidal lower river)
1c+2c+3c+4c dance BtoB ; 1M+2M & 1W+2W turn RH ½ {1}, 1M+3M & 1W+3W turn LH ½ {1}, 1M+4M & 1W+4W turn RH ½ {2} (river meets the sea)
Crib must be checked · Source: Eric T. Ferguson


1L followed by partner casts 1 place, crosses, casts down behind 3rd Man, crosses, casts behind 4th Lady & 1L crosses to 4th place opposite sides
1s dance up 1 place under 4s arch, turn 2H 1.1/2 times, dance up under 2s arch to original places
1s followed by 2s+3s+4s lead down the middle (2s+3s dance up set before leading down & 4s dance up only) & back to places
All dance DoSiDo with partners, 1s change places on sides with 2s RH, with 3s LH & 4s with RH
Crib accuracy is unknown · Source: MiniCrib

Keith Rose's Diagrams

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Diagram was verified by another person · Source: Keith Rose (Keith Rose)
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1 Eric Ferguson May 17, 2013, 12:09 a.m. Reasonable [THUMBNAIL]

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