Dance Video Gordon's Cider Press (Video 1)

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Gordon's Cider Press (R32, Irene Paterson)
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Truus de Ceuster (Feb. 25, 2015, 2:05 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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This Danciemaetion video shows the way Irene Paterson taught the dance for the first time at a workshop in Portland, and that is the way the Portland Branch has continued to dance it. The switching of couples starts with 4c, and finishes with 1c, the progression is (2,3,4,5,1)

Irene subsequently changed the ending, starting the switching with 1c, and leading to the progression (5,3,4,1,2).

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Gordon's Cider Press 5S · R32

5c in the middle faces 1c

1c+5c RHA ; 5c+3c LHA
1c+5c+3c Rsh parallel Reels3, and 5c face 4c
4c+5c+2c Lsh parallel Reels, at end 5M with 5W behind face 1W
5c+1c change places Rsh and 1c, M leading W, face 4W | 1c+4c repeat ; 4c+3c repeat | 3c+2c repeat and 2c face 1c (5,3,4,1,2)

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