Dance Video Kyle Castle (Video 1)

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Kyle Castle (S32, Murrough Landon)
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Murrough Landon (June 13, 2017, 12:26 a.m.) – Source: YouTube
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View from the bottom of this Gay Gordons set with a deliberate choice of all possible gender combinations dancing together: M+M, W+W, M+W, W+M. Those dancing as men start on the left. Basically correct albeit with a few extra turns and quickly corrected false starts.

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Kyle Castle 4/4L · S32

Extended Espagnole: 1W+2W also 3W+4W lead RH to opposite sides and cross while{2} 2M+3M lead LH to opposite sides and cross while{2} 1M & 4M cross singly (W:2143 on M side, M:1324 on W side) | repeat three times from new psns to (4,3,2,1)
3c turn LH 1½ while{4} 2c turn RH 1½ ; 4c+3c & separately 2c+1c each S&Link (3x,4,1,2x)
4c+1c LHA while{4} 3c & 2c chase ½ clw to (2,4,1,3) ; 2c+4c & 1c+3c RHA
All RSh Reels4 on the sides, 4M+1M end with ½ LH turn retaining hands (2,4,1,3)

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