Dance Video Double Trouble Triangles (Video 6)

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Double Trouble Triangles (R48, Judith Kowalczik: RSCDS L 8)
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Eric Ferguson (Nov. 14, 2017, 8:14 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Nottingham RSCDS team performing at ASCDS Festival in Nottingham on 06 May 2017.
Music: Neil Barron and his Band.

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Double Trouble Triangles 4/4L · R48

1M+4W set | advance ; retire | set while {8} 1W+4M stand | set ; advance | set (bar 5-8 RHJ with P)
1C+2M & 4c+3W RHA (2M+3W finish end places) | 1C+2W & 4c+3M LHA (2W+3M finish end places, 1C+4C finish outside set plx, 1W+4M face out)
1W & 4M, each followed by P, cclw cast 2 places and side by side dance to midline, finishing BtoB M facing up, W down ; 1W+3c & 4M+2c circle3 with end couples while {4} middles ½ turn LH | clap and ½ turn RH
1W+3c & 4M+2c set, joining hands as in DTr while {2} middles ½ turn BH | 1W+4W & 1M+4M change places as in DTr while {2} others set ; repeat 25-28 from exchanged places, but 1c & 4c finish side by side on midline, facing up, with lady on L of P
1c followed by 4c lead up and cast off, 1c to 3plx, 4c to 2plx ; 1c&4c ½ Fig8 round end cpl (2,4,1,3)
All ½ turn P RH, finish in the middle, face each other, and retain hands | set ; pass RSh to own side | set (2,4,1,3)

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