Dance Video The Cranberry Tart (Video 5)

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The Cranberry Tart (J32, Terry Glasspool: Dances from the Seven Year Itch)
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Asilomar Weekend (May 25, 2018, 8:23 p.m.) – Source: YouTube
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Cranberry Tart danced by members of the New World Dancers. This is part of a dance medley that also includes Lake Geneva and Second Salute to Miss Milligan. Taken from a performance at the Dixon Highland Games, CA in September, 2011. A rare opportunity to watch Greg Reznick dancing with the New World Dancers, the dance troupe he helped to form.

Please note: Despite the fact that the dance was recorded during a demonstration performed by good dancers, the video had to be down-rated to 'reasonable' for technical reasons. Due to the view-point it is hardly possible to use the video to understand the choreography of the dance from the video (but this is also required to get ratings 'good' or 'demonstration quality').

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The Cranberry Tart 3/4L · J32

Fugue: 1M set | cast (2M up) ; set | petronella to between 3c ;; set with 3c | advance with 3c ; retire with 3c | advance alone while{16} 1W waits {2} and then repeats 1M’s [1-14], dancing with 2c, on [16] 1W pivots R to give Rsh to 2W
1W with 1M following Reel3 across with 2c, finish (2,1,3)
Parallel Reels3 on own sides, 1c Rsh to 3c (2,1,3)

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