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0 00:00The Countess of Dunmore's Reel R32 · 3/4L
Deirdre MacCuish Bark: RSCDS XLIX 12 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c set | dance down (2c up) ; cast up round 3c | set advancing to face 1cnr
1c turn 1cnr RH, pass Rsh; turn 2cns RH, pass Rsh to face out in 2pl (cnrs dance for {4}) (2,1,3)
[3C Chain Progression] 1c cast ¼ clw round set while 2c & 3c Turn RH ¾ | 2M+3W turn LH 1½ while{4} the others promenade clw ½ round set | 3c+2c turn RH ¾ while 1c dance clw to 2pl (3,1,2)
all chase ½ way clw ; set | cross RH (2,1,3)

3C Chain Progression was earlier known as Chaperoned Chain Progression

0 00:00The Happy Weasel J32 · 3/4L
Livia Kohn: The Suncoast Collection · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c set | cast (2c up) ; All set | 1c cross RH while{2} 2c+3c Petronella to midline
All dance Weasel Reel [Reel4 on midline, on reaching the end each dancer chases clockwise to the other end, and is replaced in the reel4 by a dancer finishing that chase]. Finish as started. 1c facing P in 2plx
All set | 2c+3c Petronella to opposite side as 1c set (2x,1x,3x) ; All chase clw ½ round and take P in promhold facing up for
3c+1c+2c Allemande (2,1,3)

0 00:00The Robertson Rant S80 · 4S
Mrs Douglas Winchester: RSCDS XXXIX 8 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

All Circle8 and back
Double L chain (women ½ RHA, turn opposite M LH ; ½ RHA, turn P LH, to own places)
1c+3c Reel4, (W pass left shoulder, M set on [17-18], at the end W slow down and M speed up, face and acknowledge P and pull back inner shoulder to face corners.
All set to corner H.Schottische ; turn cnr BH twice
2c+4c repeat [17-32]
Women Circle4 L (at end pull back Rsh to face out) ; set to and turn P BH.
Men circle4 R, pull back Lsh ; set to and turn P BH.
G-Chain (one step per hand)
Promenade cclw round the set in Allemande hold, M bring W into middle of set and hold RH for bow and curtsey

0 00:00Programme Item: Racing in Spa J8x32 by Helena Luthi

0 00:00Programme Item: Annette's Birthday Dance as medley S64/R64 by Kurrers