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0 00:00Catch the Wind R32 · 3/4L
Romaine Butterfield: RSCDS XLV 5 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c set | cast off (2c up) ; ½Fig8 up (2,1x,3)
1c set twice, on [11-12] 1W swivels R to face out ; 1W (1M following) casts R round 2M and down middle to finish 1W between 3c facing 3M, and 1M between 2c facing 2M.
1M+2c & 1W+3c Rsh reels3 across
1W (1M following) casts R round 3M and cross to 2pl ; 1c turn RH (2,1,3)

The original tune is a hornpipe

0 00:00Puffin's Reel R32 · 3/4L
Terry Harvey · Crib: SCDDB Contributed Cribs & Diagrams · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1s+2s set | 1s+2s dance RH across ½ way | 1s+3s set | 1s+3s dance LH across ½ way (2s and 3s to finish on opposite sides)
1s cross up behind 2s, cast down to 2nd place, dance down and cast up to 2nd place opp. sides
2s+1s+2s dance Set & Link for 3 twice
Circle 6h round and back

0 00:00Programme Item: Ceilidh dances for all

0 00:00Virginia Reel R40 · 4/4L
A Guide to Scottish Country Dancing (ex-Collins) · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

A&R ; A&R
All turn P RH ; turn LH
All turn P BH ; dance BtoB
1c slip down ; slip up
1c cast, others following ; 1c arch and others pass under (2,3,4,1)

Walking step, begin on left foot. Can also be danced with more couples in the set

0 00:00The Borrowdale Exchange R32 · 3T
Derek Haynes: Carnforth Collection of SC Dances 2 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

Start with groups of 3 couples forming a circle, M on left of P

All circle6 and back
All A&R into centre ; Dance BtoB with P
All wheel RH (take hands with dancer opposite) ; on bar 5 the W whose hand is lowest moves under to join new P, bar 7: next W moves under to join new P
All three »new free couples« Promenade to anywhere in the room to form trio with 2 other couples.

only bars 9-16 differ from the Dunedin Festival Dance

0 00:00The Flying Scotsman J32 · 3/4L
Hugh A Thurston: Dance Scottish, A resource for teaching SCD in schools · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1W followed by 2W+3W cross, dance behind 1M, in front of 2M, behind 3M, cross and dance up to own places (Ladies' Train)
Men repeat (Men's Train)
1c BHJ slip down the middle (2c up) ; and up to 2pl (2,1,3)
2c+1c+3c (NHJ on sidelines) slip down and back