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Dance List FSCDC 6 March 2012183

Anselm Lingnau
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6 March 2012, 15:47


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  1. It's Just for Fun                   J32     3/4L  Fidler: RSCDS XXXIII
  2. The Sauchie Haugh                   S32     2/4L  Emmerson: RSCDS Leaflets
  3. Starlight                           R32     3/4L  Abdill: RSCDS XLIV
  4. Quarries' Jig                       J32     3/4L  Smith: RSCDS XXXVI
  5. Bonnie Gallowa'                     S40     4/4L  Little: Bonnie Gallowa'
  6. The Diamond Quarrie                 R32     3/4L  Brunken: Moments
  7. Jennifer's Jig                      J32     3/4L  Drewry: Silver City

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  <td><a href="">It&#39;s Just for Fun</a></td>
  <td>Fidler: RSCDS XXXIII</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">The Sauchie Haugh</a></td>
  <td>Emmerson: RSCDS Leaflets</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">Starlight</a></td>
  <td>Abdill: RSCDS XLIV</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">Quarries&#39; Jig</a></td>
  <td>Smith: RSCDS XXXVI</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">Bonnie Gallowa&#39;</a></td>
  <td>Little: Bonnie Gallowa'</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">The Diamond Quarrie</a></td>
  <td>Brunken: Moments</td></tr>
  <td><a href="">Jennifer&#39;s Jig</a></td>
  <td>Drewry: Silver City</td></tr>

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    1.  <<ddd:It's Just for Fun#3165>>
    2.  <<ddd:The Sauchie Haugh#5904>>
    3.  <<ddd:Starlight#11769>>
    4.  <<ddd:Quarries' Jig#5407>>
    5.  <<ddd:Bonnie Gallowa'#8102>>
    6.  <<ddd:The Diamond Quarrie#11278>>
    7.  <<ddd:Jennifer's Jig#3231>>