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0 00:00Best Set in the Hall J32 · 3/4L
Helen Greenwood: RSCDS XLVI 7 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c set | 1W (1M follows) casts off 2, crosses, W dances up behind M line, and M dances up the middle, 1c face 1cnr (2c up)
1c set to 1cnr | 1c cast Rsh round each other to 3cnr position while{2} 1cnrs dance into centre, and swivel R to face own cnr ; repeat, 1cnrs finishing in exchanged places, and 1c facing 2cnr
Repeat with 2cnrs (3x,1x,2x)
All chase clw ½ round ; all turn RH. (2,1,3)

To: Auckland Region President, Campbell MacKay, nov. 2003

0 00:00A 100 years behind us! M32 · 3/3L
Jennie Hartley · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c long cast to 2pl (2c up), dance between 3c and cast up to face 1cnr
1c+1cnrs: centres set to cnr | centres cast away to cnr behind as cnrs dance in and face back ; repeat and 1c turn R about to face 2cnr
1c+2cnrs repeat (3x,1x,2x)
3W with 1W+2W following cast down while{4} 2M with 1M+3M following cast up (2x,1x,3x) ; 2c cross RH as 1c+3c ½RHA | All set (2,3,1)

repeat 2 times more in Strathspey time, 3 times in Reel time.

0 00:00Formation Practice: Set to Corner and Cast Away

also known as "Best set in the hall formation" or the "Pantomime" formation