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0 00:00Ann of Scotia S32 · 3/4L
Chris & Sue Ronald: World Wide Weavings · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c long cast to 2pl touching nearer hands (2c up) ; set advancing | turn BH ½ and pivot R to face 1cnrs (2,1,3)
1c+1cnrs set | dance RSh round P to face 2cnrs ; repeat [9-12] with 2cnrs to 2pl facing out
1c cast R round 3cnrs | pass P Rsh up/down the centre while{4} 3cnrs turn RH ½, face each other | cast R to exchanged places ; repeat [17-20] with 4cnrs (3x,1x,2x)
All chase clw ½ ; turn P BH (2,1,3)

0 00:00Welcome to Ayr J32 · 3/4L
Jill Hendricksen/Kathy Stewart: RSCDS XLVII 8 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c+2c DblFig8, 1c crossing down to start, at end 2c face out
1c+2c turn EH 1¼ on side (2c to 1pl) and 1c face down NHJ ; 1c dance down and turn 3c EH, 3c finish in 3pl and 1c facing 1cnr
1c+1cnrs ½ diag. Reel4 and pass Rsh ; repeat with 2cnrs, 1c finish on midline Lsh to Lsh facing own side
3c+1M & 1W+2c RHA (3x,1x,2x) ; All chase clw ½ round (2,1,3)

0 00:00Bratach Bana R32 · 3/4L
John Drewry: Bon Accord Book of Scottish Country Dances · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c turn RH | cast off (2c up) ; ½ Fig8 to R around 1cnr (to 2,1x,3)
½Reel3 on sides (Rsh to 2cnr) ; ½Reel3 across (Lsh to 3cnr position), finish on sides (3x,1,2x)
1c turn ¾ LH, Turn 1cnr person (3cnr position) RH ; pass Rsh, turn 2cnr person (4cnr position) ¾ RH to promhold (cnr on the right)
These pairs change places Rsh | drop left hand and turn RH ½ to sidelines ; half diagonal R&L (1st diagonal direction)

Note on [27-28]: originally 2 PdB. modified by Drewry to SkCh. O. Otto says best variant is corners in PdB, 1c in SkCh

0 00:00The Deil amang the Tailors R32 · 3/4L
RSCDS XIV 7 · Crib: E-cribs · Diagram: Keith Rose's Diagrams

1c+2c set, ½ RHA ; set, ½ LHA
1c lead down the middle and up, 2c step in for
1c+2c Allemande
2c+1c+3c circle6 and back.