Person Audrey Hinchcliffe 860

Leeds, UK
Areas of activity
  • Deviser of dances

Audrey Hinchcliffe was member of the Leeds Branch of the RSCDS. As secretary of the Branch she was also involved in the organization of the Leeds Festival ran by the club. Later she was made Honorary President.

At some point she moved to Foxhill Court, North of Leeds. In her flat there she hosted people and most of the Bands who came from Scotland to play.

Jimmy Shand, Sr., composed a tune named "Miss Audrey Hinchcliffe's Strathspey", John Mitchell devised a dance with the same name published in the Whetherly Book 9, and John Drewry wrote the dance "Foxhill Court" for her which is published in his Canadian Book.

For more information there is a Tribute to Audrey Hinchcliffe in the Leeds Newsletter 74, August 2014 (available at