Tune Kelvingrove 848

Also known as “Kelvin Grove”.

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Dinky One Step Dinky One Step John MacGregor Scottish Dance Band R32 8 6/7 The Irish Rover/Roddy McCorley/Irish Air/MacPherson's Farewell/Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry/Kelvingrove/Maggie
Kelvingrove Two Step Kelvingrove Two Step The Colin Dewar Quartet -16 1/3
Kelvingrove/The Waggle o' the Kilt/It's nice to get up in the morning
Latheron Wheel Polka Latheron Wheel Polka The Wick Fiddlers P 2/4 A Man's a Man for A' That/Kelvingrove/The Nut Brown Maiden/Whistle O'er the Lave O't
L'Hirondelle L'Hirondelle (as »Kelvin Grove«) Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith h 1/4
Kelvingrove/Sandy Ower the Sea/The Gentle Maid/Madge - or Farewell to Scotland
Scottish Waltzes Scottish Waltzes Jimmy Shand and his Band W 1/5 Kelvingrove/Jock o' Hazeldean/Green Grow the Rashes/The Laird of Cockpen/The Briar Bush
Ship o' Grace Ship o' Grace David South and his Scottish Dance Band S40 4 2/3 The Boatie Rows/Kelvingrove/Will Ye No' Come Back Again?
Waltz Country Dance Waltz Country Dance The Tain Band W40 3/4 Come o'er the stream, Charlie/Logie O'Buchan/Kelvingrove/The Briar Bush
Waltz Country Dance Waltz Country Dance Jimmy Shand Jnr. and his Band W40 4 1/4 Kelvingrove/Rothesay Bay/The Nut Brown Maiden/Scots Wha Hae
Waltz Country Dance Waltz Country Dance Jim Cameron and his Scottish Dance Band W40 6 5/6 Comin' Through the Rye/The Bonnie Brier Bush/Rosie O'Grady/The Auld Hoose/Kelvingrove/My Boy Tammy
Waltz Country Dance Waltz Country Dance Jimmy Blair and his Scottish Dance Band W40 4 1/3 Kelvingrove/Bla'berries/Loch Lomond
Road To The Isles, The The Road To The Isles S324/4L James B Cosh