Anselm Lingnau

fixed a few small problems with the diagram sheet feature made available yesterday.

  • The first problem involved dances without diagrams whose titles include special characters like »&«. These require special treatment to prevent LaTeX (the software that creates the diagram sheets) from choking on them. While I thought of doing this for the dance source, I neglected to do the same for the dance title, and this bit somebody trying to generate a diagram sheet for The Flying Ghillies Collection Vol 2, which contains a dance called Sylvander & Clarinda.

  • The second problem surfaced when somebody tried to make a booklet containing just one diagram. The »imposition« process (that places the various booklet pages on the A4 sheet, properly rotated) needs to know how many pages it has to deal with, and we get that information from the log file that LaTeX writes when it creates the actual booklet pages, by looking for the line that says »Output written on … (X pages, Y bytes)« and isolating the page count. Turns out that my code was looking for the »pages« keyword, and TeX, being fastidious about that sort of thing, writes »1 page« if the output consists of only one page, so the page count couldn't be determined in this case.

Both of these issues should now be fixed. Thank you for your indulgence!


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