Anselm Lingnau

just added a feature to the »Complex Dance Search« form in the dance database which lets you filter the results by lists. In other words, you get to enter the name of a dance list and the result will only contain dances that are in that list and also match all the other criteria that you specified.

What makes this really useful is that the »list name« can actually be a regular expression that matches a number of lists. Hence if you want to see all the reels on (recent) Frankfurt Spring Ball programmes, select »Reel« in the »Type« drop-down and enter »Frankfurt Spring Ball« into the »Lists« field. If you want to see all the three-couple set dances that the Frankfurt SCD Club did in 2013, set up the »Couples« and »Set shape« drop-downs accordingly and put »FSCDC.*2013« (note: »dot-star« – this stands for »any number of arbitrary characters«) into the »Lists« field. Enjoy!

(This feature was suggested by Sir Toby.)


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 15 January 2014 12:54 (last edited on 14 February 2014 12:52)