Anselm Lingnau

Here's another innovation for you: Dance lists may now have dates! With hindsight this is something that I should have added ages ago (but didn't because, reasons). What this gives you in the short term is the capability of specifying the date that a dance list applies to (e.g., the date the class took place, or the date the function is going to be at). The date of a list is displayed on its details page as well as on list overview pages, and list overview pages allow you to restrict the lists shown to a specific (possibly open-ended) date range.

This should make it more convenient to find dance lists for specific functions. There are a few other neat and useful ideas that we could use the dance lists for, so stay tuned.

I have added dates to most of the dance lists that had something resembling a date in their names. You may want to check whether these are correct for all your lists; the process was a little quick and dirty and I may have missed some corner cases.


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 5 November 2014 18:48 (last edited on 5 November 2014 18:50)