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Anselm Lingnau

Based on a suggestion by Murrough Landon, for dances in publications that (a) have a link to an online PDF and (b) give page numbers for the dances they contain, the database now displays direct links to the specific page of the PDF containing the dance in question. To test this, look at The Prince of Sutton Coldfield and click on the link given under “Online Sources”. At least on Chrome/Chromium and Firefox, this should open the internal PDF viewer with the actual dance (not the first page of the publication) displayed in the window.

This uses the http://…/foo.pdf#page=X link style promulgated by Adobe, so it should theoretically work with Adobe Reader, too (I don't have Adobe Reader so can't check – let me know how you get on if you're in a position to try it). Your mileage may vary.


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 7 October 2018 23:36

Anselm Lingnau

The database is now up to MiniCribs 28.07! This followed 28.06 so closely that I didn't even get around to uploading that version.


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 17 August 2018 9:55

Anselm Lingnau

Please give a warm welcome to Anton Korobeynikov, who is joining the SCD Database editing team. It's great to have somebody to represent the vibrant SCD community in Russia!


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 25 July 2018 20:56 (last edited on 25 July 2018 20:56)

Anselm Lingnau

MiniCribs 28.05 have just been added to the database. Yay!


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 11 June 2018 2:38

Andy Peterson

I've been spending lot of time entering in old ball programs from the Delaware Valley RSCDS (from the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s) lately, and it got me thinking…

What are the dances that appear most frequently in the dance lists on this site? In other words, what are the most popular dances? So I wrote a little script to look and see. Here are the 100 most 'Popular' dances. (The number before the dance is the number of lists the dance is in)

  1. 891, Mairi's Wedding
  2. 771, Pelorus Jack
  3. 710, The Reel of the Royal Scots
  4. 709, Scott Meikle
  5. 708, The Montgomeries' Rant
  6. 670, The Deil amang the Tailors
  7. 661, City of Belfast
  8. 633, The Reel of the 51st Division
  9. 603, The Minister on the Loch
  10. 580, Catch the Wind
  11. 555, Shiftin' Bobbins
  12. 553, The Dream Catcher
  13. 547, Best Set in the Hall
  14. 538, Maxwell's Rant
  15. 524, Joie de Vivre
  16. 522, Mrs Stewart's Jig
  17. 506, Hooper's Jig
  18. 505, The Highland Rambler
  19. 487, The Gentleman
  20. 485, The Sailor
  21. 480, Culla Bay
  22. 462, The Irish Rover
  23. 458, Sugar Candie
  24. 428, Miss Johnstone of Ardrossan
  25. 424, MacDonald of the Isles
  26. 412, The Wild Geese
  27. 408, EH3 7AF
  28. 403, The Bees of Maggieknockater
  29. 402, Flowers of Edinburgh
  30. 396, Duke of Perth
  31. 390, Miss Gibson's Strathspey
  32. 384, J. B. Milne
  33. 384, Gang the Same Gate
  34. 381, The Belle of Bon Accord
  35. 380, Follow Me Home
  36. 375, The Machine without Horses
  37. 373, Swiss Lassie
  38. 369, Ian Powrie's Farewell to Auchterarder
  39. 368, Inchmickery
  40. 365, A Trip to Bavaria
  41. 362, Bratach Bana
  42. 358, Quarries' Jig
  43. 357, The Chequered Court
  44. 355, The Byron Strathspey
  45. 349, St Andrew's Fair
  46. 345, The Piper and the Penguin
  47. 345, Jean Martin of Aberdeen
  48. 336, The Wind on Loch Fyne
  49. 331, Postie's Jig
  50. 330, The Laird of Milton's Daughter
  51. 328, Ramadan-ce
  52. 324, Napier's Index
  53. 323, Neidpath Castle
  54. 317, The Falls of Rogie
  55. 314, Major Ian Stewart
  56. 314, A Capital Jig
  57. 308, Good Hearted Glasgow
  58. 305, Sands of Morar
  59. 301, The Silver Tassie
  60. 298, MacDonald of Keppoch
  61. 297, Blooms of Bon Accord
  62. 295, The Jubilee Jig
  63. 295, Linnea's Strathspey
  64. 294, Miss Milligan's Strathspey
  65. 293, The Luckenbooth Brooch
  66. 288, Gothenburg's Welcome
  67. 287, Tribute to the Borders
  68. 279, The Black Mountain Reel
  69. 276, The Cranberry Tart
  70. 275, John of Bon Accord
  71. 275, Cherrybank Gardens
  72. 267, The Robertson Rant
  73. 266, West's Hornpipe
  74. 262, Seton's Ceilidh Band
  75. 260, General Stuart's Reel
  76. 258, Jennifer's Jig
  77. 255, Butterscotch and Honey
  78. 254, The White Heather Jig
  79. 247, Miss Eleanor
  80. 244, The Duke of Atholl's Reel
  81. 242, Muirland Willie
  82. 242, Mrs MacPherson of Inveran
  83. 239, Orpington Caledonians
  84. 237, The Starry Eyed Lassie
  85. 234, Granville Market
  86. 230, Mrs MacLeod
  87. 229, The Dancing Master
  88. 228, The Rutland Reel
  89. 227, The Kelloholm Jig
  90. 227, Midsummer Common
  91. 223, Monymusk
  92. 219, The Countess of Dunmore's Reel
  93. 215, Macleod's Fancy
  94. 214, The Rose of the North
  95. 212, The Australian Ladies
  96. 210, Miss Allie Anderson
  97. 208, John McAlpin
  98. 206, Da Rain Dancin'
  99. 201, Kendall's Hornpipe
  100. 199, Round Reel of Eight

dances popular

· · Posted by Andy Peterson · 3 April 2018 4:55

Anselm Lingnau

We're now up to date again with MiniCribs at version 28.03 (published tonight or so).


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 20 March 2018 7:36

Anselm Lingnau

The MiniCribs on the Strathspey SCD Database are now up to version 28.02 (published yesterday, or early today). Thanks to the MiniCribs team for their ongoing support!


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 24 February 2018 9:12

Anselm Lingnau

Please welcome Murrough Landon as the newest Strathspey SCD Database editor!


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 8 February 2018 2:26

Anselm Lingnau

It's time once more to crack down on spam-type user accounts on the my.strathspey system, which are annoying and seem to outnumber the real accounts.

From looking at the database, it seems that most if not all of these unwanted accounts either have both their first and last names set to the username of the account (which in real life would be weird) or else have no first and last names set at all. In theory we require first and last names, so any account that doesn't have any at all is technically breaking the rules of the game.

What I'm going to do a week from now is delete all accounts that fit this description where the user in question hasn't logged in for six months. If you want to make sure your account isn't inadvertently deleted, you should:

  1. Ensure that it has a first and last name associated with it (it would sure be nice if it was your actual first and last name but if you call yourself “Hamish McGonigle” nobody is going to be the wiser), and/or

  2. Log into your account. You can log right out again but we want to know that you're there.

Accounts that have dance lists, ratings, or collections in the dance database will also be exempt.

After these suspect accounts have been removed, all remaining accounts that have no first and last name associated with them will have their first name set to “Anonymous” and their last name to “Dancer”. The users in question will of course be free to set them to something else in their profile (except the empty string or any name consisting of all spaces).


· · Posted by Anselm Lingnau · 18 January 2018 1:15 (last edited on 18 January 2018 1:16)

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