Album Moments in Time 1059

Short name
Recorded by
Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone (2013)
  • CD: SSCD31 (2013)
1 A Wee Nothin' / More than Nothin' Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone J32 84:49 36.1
Miss Hannah of Elgin/Becky's Birthday Jig/A Wee Somethin'/The Earl of Morton's Jig
2 Haggarty's Brig Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone S32 44:29 67.2
The Grandparents Strathspey/Mr Alexander Lawson/Anne Riley's Whimsey/Lady Elva MacAskill
3 Pawling Porch, The / A Double Measure Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone R32 84:55 36.9
The Merrymaking/Drunken Friday/Dr Gordon Stables' Reel/Open the Bottle
4 Union Jig, The / The Comeback Jig Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone J32 84:52 36.5
We're no' very fou but we're gaily yet/Becky Taylor's Audacity/Blackwood Jig/Maria's Return
5 Cardross House Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone S32 88:48 66.0
The Waukin of the Fauld/Smailholm Tower/Aldivalloch/Below the Aigas Dam
6 The Cast'n Reel Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone R32 84:53 36.6
The Beadhead Woolly Bugger/Betty Keir's Reel/Dalneigh Lasses/Carolla's Tolt
7 Silver Hamer, The / Dr Quarrie's Birthday Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone S32 33:20 66.7
Elegy for Bennett/Joe Buchan/Dr David Quarrie
8 Diamond Quarrie, The / The Penny Whistle Hornpipe Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone R32 84:54 36.8
Avril's Hornpipe/Murray McAndrew/Marianne Taylor/The Mole/Fozzie's Flute/A Tryst with Cati Ramsay/Ron's Hornpipe
9 It's About Time / The Falkirk Lass Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone S32 88:36 64.5
Lang Road to Urquhart Castle/Elaine Wallace Brunken/Castlecraigs/Torf's "Choon"
10 The Greenbelt Jig Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone J32 84:50 36.2
Ride the Wind (Tatsu-Do)/Moira of Horsewells/The Clockwork Comic/The Submariner's Jig
11 Pinewoods Transitions Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone R40 86:01 36.1
Birnam Station/The Maxwells of Rutherglen/Mrs Dorothy Johnstone/Cabbage and Ribs
12 Mr Gallamore's Strathspey Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone S32 44:24 66.0
Salute to Sandy Gallamore/Muriel Johnstone's Compliments to Graham Donald/Diane Thorburn Holden
13 Tine's Jig Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone J32 84:47 35.9
Major Mackie/Betty Cameron of Muckhart/Jennifer Fletcher of Monaco/Alistair MacLeod
14 Road to the Border, The / Four's a Score Lindsay/Smith/Johnstone R32 84:52 36.5
Stag's Leap/David Cunningham's Welcome to Canada/Jim Lindsay's Reel/Ken's Way