Album The Netherwood Collection 1062

Short name
Recorded by
Ian T Muir (2011)
  • CD: BRCD062 (2 disks) (2011)
1 Joie de Vivre Ian T Muir J32 106:00 36.0 Anderson's Jig/The Foula Reel/Drunken Cruik and Duke/Semple's Day in Vilamoura
2 Miss Catherine Ann Ian T Muir S32 33:16 65.3 Catherine Ann's Strathspey/Why Left I My Hame?/The Boatie Rows
3 The Lancastrian Wanderer Ian T Muir J32 84:47 35.9 The Harmonica/Elizabeth Adair/Princess Margaret's Jig/Miss Mary Douglas
4 Blooms of Bon Accord Ian T Muir R32 42:39 39.8 The Blooms of Bon Accord/The Boatie Rows/Miss Campbell of Saddell/Market Chorus
5 Culla Bay Ian T Muir S32 44:06 61.5 The MacAulays of Benbecula/The Sleeping Warrior/The Shetland Fiddler's Society/Sands of Murness
6 Miss Hadden's Reel Ian T Muir J32 84:41 35.1 The Stone Court/The Dandy Dancer/Angus MacFadyen/Ann Fraser MacKenzie
7 Gaelic Waltzes Ian T Muir W1:49 0 Leaving the Boat at Portree/Mull of the Mountains/Where I was Yestreen
8 Mairi's Wedding Ian T Muir R40 87:18 43.8 Mairi's Wedding/Highland Walking Song/Traditional Air/Bratach Bana/Kiss me quick, my Mither's coming/The Belfast Reel/Alex Muir's Reel/Miss C M Hall
9 The Flight of the Falcon Ian T Muir J32 105:51 35.1 Kenmure's on and awa'/Major Moir of Villeveque/The Drunken Parson/Janet Donaldson
10 Rambling Rose Ian T Muir S32 33:10 63.3 Callum's Road/McPhedran's Strathspey/Arran View
11 The Recumbent Stone Ian T Muir R48 54:27 35.6 The Girl I Left Behind Me/The Green Dykes/Highland Lassie/Bessie Bell's Reel
12 Thrums Cairn Ian T Muir R32 105:51 35.1 Da Tushker/Willafjord/Spootiskerry/Millbrae
13 The Byron Strathspey Ian T Muir S32 33:11 63.7 The Byron Strathspey/Mrs Carter of Lincluden/Manchester Caledonian Society
14 Maxwell's Rant Ian T Muir R32 84:50 36.2 Maxwell's Rant/Highland Lassie/Come Let Us Dance and Sing/Rae's Classic
15 Highland Cathedral Ian T Muir L2:35 0
16 Nottingham Lace Ian T Muir R96 11:54 38.0
17 Ederline Ian T Muir S32 33:11 63.7 Mrs Rae Wallace/Stewart and Kathleen Walker/The Dean Strathspey
18 The Hunting Horn Ian T Muir J32 105:53 35.3 Tam's Hunting Horn/Sandy Pirie of Hazelhead/The Piteucher Jig/The Little Burnt Potato
19 Swithland Woods Ian T Muir S40 33:55 62.7 Mrs Ashworth's Strathspey/Mrs Stewart Nicholson/Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
20 The Plantation Reel Ian T Muir R32 52:53 34.6 Golden Slippers, Dem/Boil Dem Cabbage Down/Mouth of the Tobique/The Soft Horse Reel/Wing Commander Donald Mackenzie's Reel
21 The Twa Meenit Reel Ian T Muir R32 42:28 37.0 Whistling Rufus
22 Wild Geese Ian T Muir J32 84:49 36.1 Mrs MacPherson of Cluny/Jamie Rae/The Eavesdropper/The Slalom Skiier
23 Spiffin' Ian T Muir J32 53:07 37.4 The Cock o' the North/The New Rigged Ship/The Miller of Dee/The Low Backed Car/Elizabeth Adair
24 The Trio Ian T Muir S32 33:11 63.7 Mary Howard's Strathspey/The Shetland Fiddler's Society/Sands of Murness
25 Good Hearted Glasgow Ian T Muir J32 105:53 35.3 Good Hearted Glasgow/Joe Foster's Jig/The Family Pride/The Murray River Jig
26 Middleton Moonraker Ian T Muir R32 42:30 37.5 Trevor Howard's Reel/Frank's Reel/Trip to Herves/MacArthur Road
27 Welcome to Dufftown Ian T Muir J32 84:40 35.0 So I'm off with the Good St Nicholas Boat/Canadian Four Step/Jack's Pocket Ashtray/Debbie "M" Jig
28 Annan Gold Ian T Muir S32 33:13 64.3 Wilson & Doris Richardson/The Boatie Rows/Durisdeer
29 The Irish Rover Ian T Muir R32 84:47 35.9 The Irish Rover/Pack Up Your Troubles/Roll out the Barrel/Maggie/I Love a Lassie/The Happy Wanderer/Do-Re-Mi/When the Saints Go Marching In