Album The Swans of Atlanta 1110

Short name
Recorded by
Copious Notes (2016)
  • CD:
2 Stone Mountain Reel Copious Notes R32 42:33 38.2 Saint Columba's Sword/Highland Donald/Lord Randall's Bride
8 Kudzu Reel Copious Notes S32 55:14 62.8 Mr A. G. Wilken's Favourite/Briar Rose/Lord Seaforth
1 Unicoi Unlimited Copious Notes J32 53:02 36.4 These Claws are made for Lovin'/Glen Echo Gala Two-Step/Twenty and Three Two-step
4 Well Done, Bernard Copious Notes J32 84:45 35.6 The Lemonville Jig/Spin-N-Glo/Behind the Bush in the Garden/Wrens and Dogwoods Consider Springtime
3 Randall Allen of Country Troup Copious Notes S32 33:15 65.0 Fiddler play the Light Strathspey/Jessie Smith/Miss Lyall (strathspey)
5 Balgeddie Reel Copious Notes R32 53:02 36.4 Golden Slippers, Dem/Ring, Ring, the Banjo/Hard Times/Year of Jubilo/I wish I was in Dixie
6 Atlanta Fair Copious Notes J32 84:47 35.9 Tara's Theme/Dixie/Marching Through Georgia/Rambling Wreck/Teach the World to Sing/Georgia on My Mind
7 Clumsy Lover Copious Notes R32 84:44 35.5 The Clumsy Lover/Jock Wilson's Ball/The High Road to Linton/The Munro Rant
9 Montgomeries' Rant Copious Notes M64 46:32 49.0 Lord Eglintoune/Lady Montgomerie/Lady Charlotte Campbell/Miss Barstow's Reel/John Stephen of Chance Inn/Miss Jane Grant, Lynmore
10 Happy Tenth Copious Notes R32 84:46 35.8 Happy Tenth/Gordon's Favourite/The Barrowburn Reel/Gillan's Reel
14 Mrs Jamieson's Favourite Copious Notes W3:34 0 Mrs Jamieson's Favourite
11 Georgian Strathspey Copious Notes S32 44:19 64.8 Georgian Strathspey/Dr Neil Stewart McLeod/'S ioma rud tha dhidh orm
12 Judie's Farewell to Spring Creek Copious Notes R32 84:46 35.8 Judie's Farewell/The Tongadale Reel/Dick Gossip
13 Swans Of Atlanta Copious Notes M64 23:26 51.5 The Fishers Rant/Pretty Peg/The Laird o' Drumblair/Kate Dalrymple