Album The Dancing Bear 1116

Short name
Dancing Bear
Recorded by
The Black Bear Duo
  • CD: CDBB003
18 Waltz for Peter Ellis The Black Bear Duo W32 64:01 40.2 Take Your Partners/Collector's Choice/Castlemaine
17 C'est Si Bon The Black Bear Duo R32 84:40 35.0 Culburnie Cottage/The Ruby Slippers/Contradiction/Forth Bridge, The - Reel
16 The Queensland Twosome The Black Bear Duo R32 85:00 37.5 Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel/Mrs Garden of Troup/Miss Cameron Of Balvenie/Miss Jean Aberdein's Reel
11 Viva La Paz The Black Bear Duo J32 84:39 34.9 Viva La Paz/Black Bear Jig/Cruise on the Ouse/The Banks of the Allan
10 Catch the Wind The Black Bear Duo R32 84:45 35.6 The Merry-Go-Round/Coutt's Concert Hornpipe/JJ's Reel/John Keith Laing
9 De'il Amang the Tailors The Black Bear Duo R32 84:46 35.8 Deil Amang the Tailors/The Fairy Dance/The High Road to Linton/The Ale is Dear
8 Pelorus Jack The Black Bear Duo J32 84:38 34.8 Christian Catto/The Jimmy Harris Jig/Mrs Muir McKenzie's Favourite/Mr Sharp of Hoddom/Wha'll be King but Charlie?
7 Festival Fling The Black Bear Duo R32 84:46 35.8 Castledykes Reel/The Lass o' Patie's Mill/Cauld Kail in Aberdeen/John Spence o' Uyeasound
6 Emma Nixon Strathspey The Black Bear Duo S32 88:41 65.1 Mr Francis Walduck/Lady Hamilton Dalrymple's Strathspey/Lady Madelina Palmer/Whisky Flight
5 Napier's Index The Black Bear Duo J40 85:47 34.7 Juniper Jig/Andy Dejarlis Jig/Sgian Dubh/Tomtain Brae
4 Miss Mary Stirling's Hornpipe The Black Bear Duo R32 42:27 36.8 Miss Mary Stirling/Albert's Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe/The Lochmaben Hornpipe
3 Orpington Caledonians The Black Bear Duo R32 84:43 35.4 Orpington Caledonians/The Green Meadow/Gladstone/The Ardgour Seamstress
2 Triple Happiness The Black Bear Duo S32 33:09 63.0 Triple Happiness/John Stephen of Chance Inn/Crail
1 Ruby Rant The Black Bear Duo R32 84:46 35.8 40 Shades of Red/The Tazmanian Devil/Maggie's Pancakes/The Auld Fiddler
12 The Everlasting Friendship The Black Bear Duo S48 46:13 62.2 Tae Gar Ye Loup/The Flower o' the Quern/Farewell to Longannet/The Two Steps
13 Anne Archdeacon Reel The Black Bear Duo R40 43:05 37.0 The Cinderella Reel/The Barrowburn Reel/Perth Hunt/Cheers Lyle
14 The Quiet Achiever The Black Bear Duo M32 86:32 49.0 Isabel Muir's Strathspey/Andy Muir's Reel/Auld Luckie/Lucky Scaup/The Boatie Rows/Roxburgh Castle/Fill Your Glasses/Bonnie Banchory/Miss Jessie Smith/Sleepy Maggie/Highland Whisky/Mrs MacLeod of Gesto/'S ioma rud tha dhidh orm/Angus Cameron o' Kirrie/The Piper of Drummond/Clean Pease Strae
15 Best Set in the Hall The Black Bear Duo J32 84:41 35.1 Danse de Chez Nous/Miss Barbara Hay's Favourite/The Glasgow Gaelic Club/Bung Your Eye