Album A Dancer's Best Friend 1118

Short name
Dancer's Best Friend
Recorded by
Terpsichore (2018)
  • CD: HBT010 (2018)
1 Holden My Own Terpsichore J32 84:31 33.9 Mr Morison of Bognie/The Famous Baravan/Wha'll be King but Charlie?/The Banks of the Allan
2 Braes of Breadalbane Terpsichore S32 87:55 59.4 The Braes of Breadalbane/An Honorable Peace/Lady Isabella Wemyss's Strathspey
3 Flowers of Edinburgh Terpsichore R32 84:29 33.6 The Flowers of Edinburgh/Loch Torridon/Kohler's Hornpipe/Y Lili
5 Set of Strathspeys Terpsichore S32 44:05 61.2 Ronald's Rant/John Roy Stewart/Elke Baker
6 The Accordion Player Terpsichore R32 84:27 33.4 The Well Wynd/The High Drive/Johnny Muise's Reel/MacArthur's Road
4 Follow Me Home Terpsichore J32 84:40 35.0 Miss Catherine Stewart, Pettyvaich/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel/Miss Jane Douglas/Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe
7 Oh, to Joy! Liz Donaldson W0:00 0
8 Fair Donald Terpsichore S32 88:08 61.0 Lady Dick Lauder's Strathspey/Tim Horton's Strathspey/Cawdor Fair/This is no' my Ain Hoose
9 Suitable for The Maskin Rung Terpsichore R32 52:56 35.2 Mary's Dream/Paula's Scots Measure/Jennet Drinks No Water
10 Lamb Skinnet Terpsichore J32 84:31 33.9 Lamb Skinnet/The Deuks dang ow'er my Daddie/The Deil's awa' wi' the Exciseman/The Ragg
13 Laddie Lie Near Me Terpsichore W0:00 0
11 Set of Song Airs Terpsichore S32 65:45 57.5 Air in F/Aways my Heart that we mun sunder/Dreams Vanished/An thou wert my ain thing/Cosen Cole's Delight
12 Mrs MacLeod of Raasay Terpsichore R32 84:32 34.0 Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/Sir David Davidson of Cantry/Tam's Grey Mare