Album The Emigrant Scot 1125

Short name
Emigrant Scot
Recorded by
Bluebell SCD Trio (2020)
  • CD: (2020)
1 The Brandons Of Los Angeles Bluebell SCD Trio R32 84:54 36.8 Linsay Duncan's Scots Measure/Chris Werner/Earl of Errol/Johnnie Cope
2 Dear David Bluebell SCD Trio S32 88:29 63.6 Dear David/Craigendoran/The Miller's Daughter/The Lads o' Elgin
3 The Dominie Bluebell SCD Trio S64 24:31 67.8 Andrew MacArthur/Roaring Rivie/North of the Grampians/Ferintosh
4 Falls of Clyde Bluebell SCD Trio M64 23:15 48.8 Malcolm Coupe/The Honolulu Run/Broachan Laoimh/Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe
5 Gassy Jack's Eightsome Bluebell SCD Trio M64 23:28 52.0 Gassy Jack's Eightsome/New Westminster Strathspey/Deighton's Hoedown
6 Gleneagles Reel Bluebell SCD Trio R40 86:06 36.6 Dean MacKay's Scots Measure/Jacky Tar/The College Hornpipe/Douglas Hornpipe
7 Ladies of the Albert Hall Bluebell SCD Trio M1122:57 50.6 Forres Rant/The High Road to Linton/Loch Earn
8 Lady Aberdeen Strathspey Bluebell SCD Trio S32 88:40 65.0 Rosemary Read/James McNicoll/King George IV's Welcome/Larach do Thacaidean/Castle in the Air/Brig o' Dee/The Road to the Isles
9 Lions Gate Bluebell SCD Trio R40 43:15 39.0 Lions Gate/Tak Anither Dram/The Eagle on the Heather
10 Mary Isdale's Highland Schottische Bluebell SCD Trio M64 34:48 48.0 Agnes Maguire/The Cross of Inverness/What's A' the Steer, Kimmer/The Ale is Dear/Kafoozalum/Lady Charlotte Campbell (reel)
11 The Mormaer Of Moray Bluebell SCD Trio M962:40 53.3 The Buckie Rant/The Mormaer's Reel
12 The Phaeton Bluebell SCD Trio J128 12:42 40.5 Lisa Krause/Miss Hannah of Elgin/Miss Russell of Blackhall's Reel
13 Piper Frap Bluebell SCD Trio S48 23:25 68.3 Mrs. Marion Small/Miss Stewart Fleming of Killiechassie
14 Reel Of The 88th Bluebell SCD Trio R40 32:27 39.2 Pretty Peggy/Tam Lin/Caberfeidh
15 Sandy Butterly Bluebell SCD Trio J48 43:51 38.5 The Kitten's Jig/Kirkland House/The Puddock's Jig
16 Shoolbraids Jig Bluebell SCD Trio J40 43:14 38.8 Rena Dewar's Delight/Andrew Potter's Jig/Miss Stewart of Bombay
17 Simon Frasers Reel Bluebell SCD Trio R32 84:53 36.6 The Lovat Scouts/The Barren Rocks of Aden/The Peat Fire Flame/Miss Laura Andrew