Album The Ladies of Dunse 192

Short name
Ladies / Dunse
Recorded by
Muriel A Johnstone (1995)
  • MC: Duns 01 (1995)
1 Reels Muriel A Johnstone R40 80:00 0.0
Lawfield/Mickie Ainsworth/Spootiskerry/Donald Ridley's Compliments to Oliver Waugh
2 Founder's Jig Muriel A Johnstone J32 80:00 0.0
Daisy Rae of Duns/Janet Stewart/The Empty Bird Box/Bressay Sound
3 Strathcare Muriel A Johnstone S32 80:00 0.0
Strathcare/The Road to the Isles/Gertie Gibb/Dr Alexander of Balmerino
4 The Whisky Association Reel Muriel A Johnstone R32 80:00 0.0
The Whisky Association Reel/The Downfield Reel/Merryn's Reel/The Barmaid
5 The Scots Guards Muriel A Johnstone S32 80:00 0.0
Sir John Swinton of Kimmerghame/Sarah Elizabeth (Great Wee Legs)/Kinlochmoidart/Lady Charlotte Campbell (strathspey)
6 8th Battalion - The Royal Scots Muriel A Johnstone R32 80:00 0.0
The Golden Jubilee Reel/Johnny Johnson/Dryfesdale Reel/Dr Robertson
7 Duns 500 Muriel A Johnstone S640:00 0
Eagle Hall
8 Campbell of Laphroaig Muriel A Johnstone M32 80:00 0.0
Campbell of Laphroaig/Graham's Black Bottle/The Glenlivet/Talisker/Fill Your Glasses/The Piper's Glass/Glenfiddich/Fu' as a Puggy
9 Jim Dougal of Eyemouth Muriel A Johnstone S32 30:00 0.0
The Eyemouth Petronella/Jim's Lady
10 Peggy's Joy Muriel A Johnstone J32 80:00 0.0
Peggy's Joy/Robert's Delight/Lady Swan of Blackhouse
11 The Ruby Strathspey Muriel A Johnstone S32 40:00 0.0
Heart of Fire/Because he was a Bonnie Lad/Manderston House
12 Saint Ebba's Strand Muriel A Johnstone R40 40:00 0.0
Saint Ebba's Strand/The Wind and the Waves/Margaret's Reel
13 Millerton Brig Muriel A Johnstone S32 80:00 0.0
Willie Miller/Marchioness of Huntly/Mrs Macintosh of Raigmore/The Miller o' Hirn
14 The Border Bridge Muriel A Johnstone R32 80:00 0.0
Border Bridge/The New High Level/Kirk's Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe
15 The Scots Gate Muriel A Johnstone J32 40:00 0.0
The Scots Gate/Miss Katrina Margaret Douglas/Ada Johnstone's Fancy