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Album Testing the Water 208

IMPORTANT: This CD does not have a CDDB ID in the database. If you own this CD, please consider adding it for everybody's benefit. (More info)
Short name
Testing Water
Recorded by
  • CD: CRC101
10 Cumberland Square Eight Craigenroan R32 40:00 0.0
2 The Dashing White Sergeant Craigenroan R32 80:00 0.0
5 The Eightsome Reel Craigenroan R4640:00 0.0
11 The Flying Scotsman Craigenroan J32 40:00 0.0
13 The Orcadian Strip the Willow Craigenroan J32 80:00 0.0
8 Strip the Willow Craigenroan J32 80:00 0.0
9 Virginia Reel Craigenroan R32 40:00 0.0
12 The Waves of Tory Craigenroan R32 80:00 0.0

Some information about this CD found at https://www.thedancinghaggis.com/testing-the-water-p-70192.html. Used for assigning track numbers (the album was originally entered with all track numbers set to 0). Not all the 13 tracks claimed to be on the CD have been entered in the database.