Album Dancing Fingers 1 387

Short name
Fingers 1-CD
Recorded by
Muriel A Johnstone (2001)
  • CD: SSCD 10 (2001)
1 Set of Reels Muriel A Johnstone R32 42:38 39.5
Dancing Fingers/The Confluence/The Reversal/Tapsalteerie
2 Set of Strathspeys Muriel A Johnstone S32 44:45 71.2
Bill Zobel/Ladykirk Bridge/Linda Gaul/Muriel Johnstone's Compliments to Robert MacKay
3 Set of Jigs Muriel A Johnstone J32 42:33 38.2
Off the Rails/Kings X/Windmill Bastion/King of Spades
4 Waltzes Muriel A Johnstone W2:46 0
Sainte Placide/Gran Douglas
5 Hornpipes Muriel A Johnstone R32 53:44 44.8
Bill's Bell-Bottoms/Champagne Bubbles/Ron's Hornpipe
6 Air Muriel A Johnstone L2:58 0
Eyemouth Harbour
7 Set of Reels Muriel A Johnstone R32 42:35 38.8
Stack of Cards/Mrs Dorothy Johnstone/H.M.S. Invincible/H.M.S. Berwick
8 Medley Muriel A Johnstone M32 43:41 55.2
Campbell of Laphroaig/Graham's Black Bottle/Willie Miller/Fu' as a Puggy/Miss Wilma Miller/The Postmaster
9 Waltzes Muriel A Johnstone W3:02 0
Fiona May/Berwick Waltz/Canisp/Suilven
10 March Muriel A Johnstone X3:50 0
Moira Abernethy
11 Air Muriel A Johnstone L3:19 0
12 Slow Reels Muriel A Johnstone R32 53:44 44.8
Shibumi/Grist to the Mill/The Majician
13 Set of Strathspeys Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 44:35 68.8
McIntosh Hall/Windsor/Kenneth MacGregor Holden/Iain Stuart Robertson
14 Air and March Muriel Johnstone's Band L3:53 0
The Rowan and the Maple/The Correspondents
15 Slow Airs Muriel Johnstone's Band S32 33:40 73.3
Allan Gillie/Mr & Mrs Little of Castle Douglas/Katherine's Welcome
16 Set of Reels Muriel Johnstone's Band R32 42:34 38.5
Waverley Market/Hot Toddy/Hit the Spot
17 Airs Muriel Johnstone's Band L3:50 0
Legends of the Sea