Album Back in Step 711

Short name
Back in Step
Recorded by
The Occasionals (1996)
  • CD: CDTRAX107 (1996)
6 Circassian Circle The Occasionals R32 84:27 33.4 Circassian Circle/The Pearl Wedding/Beating the Carpets/Neck and Neck
17 Drops of Brandy The Occasionals R32 64:36 46.0 Hunter of the Yak/Brendan Mulvihill's Compliments to Sean McQuire/Tommy's E Flat CLog
11 Duke of Perth The Occasionals R32 84:23 32.9 Duke of Perth/Polly Stewart/The Kettledrum/J.B. Milne
3 The Flying Scotsman The Occasionals J32 84:35 34.4 Duncan's Return/Sixteen Miles to the Bottle/Lesley Wood's Reel/The Burgh of Barony
14 The Haymakers The Occasionals J48 43:11 31.8 The Haymakers/The Calais Packet/The Legacy/The March of the Cameron Men
19 The Orcadian Strip the Willow The Occasionals J32 84:16 32.0 David Ross/Granny MacLeod/Caileach an Dudain/The Final Fling
1 Grand March The Occasionals X3:09 0 The California Cotillion
2 Boston Two step The Occasionals -163:08 0 The Shot Merchant from Harris
4 The Hesitation Waltz The Occasionals W3:16 0 The Memory Waltz
5 The Jacky Tar Two Step The Occasionals -3:12 0 Jack a' Tar/The Dodger
9 The Baden Powell The Occasionals ?3:15 0 Taking of Beaumont Hamel/The 80th Regiment (Scottish Horse)
13 The Friendly Waltz The Occasionals W5:21 0 Sildevalsen/Kvaesarvalsen/Swarta Rudolf
12 The Russian Ballet The Occasionals ?2:26 0 Burnbrae/The Pitlochry Highland Games
10 Hullichan's Jig The Occasionals J32 84:04 30.5 The Irish Washerwoman/Out in the Ocean/The Banks of the Allan/The Lady in the Bottle
16 The Southern Rose Waltz The Occasionals W3:06 0 Les Avants
15 The Gypsy Tap The Occasionals ?4:02 0
18 The Call of the Pipes The Occasionals ?3:08 0
8 The Lomond Waltz The Occasionals W4:58 0 Loch Lomond/Kirkconnel Lea/The Bonnie Brier Bush/Bonnie Gallowa'