Album More Capital Reels 771

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Short name
More Capital
Recorded by
Auld Reekie (1997)
  • CD: LCOM 5260 (1997)
  • MC: (1997)
1 The Eightsome Reel Auld Reekie R464 18:17 34.3 Deil Amang the Tailors/Holyrood House/Mrs MacLeod of Raasay/The Fairy Dance/The Deil among the Mantua-Makers/The Drummer/Miss Susan Cooper/Mrs Gordon of Rafford/The Reel of Tullochgorum
2 The Foursome Reel Auld Reekie M1443:05 41.1 The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling/Inveraray Castle/Timour the Tartar/Rachel Rae/The Marquis of Tullibardine/Jock Wilson's Ball/The Reel of Tulloch
3 Waltz Auld Reekie W3:35 0 A Rosebud by My Early Walk/The Gentle Maiden/The Nut Brown Maiden
4 The Machine Without Horses Auld Reekie J32 84:22 32.8 The Machine without Horses/Anne Fraser MacKenzie/Donald Bathgate/The Belfast Almanac
5 Machine Without Horses - Encore Auld Reekie J32 84:19 32.4 Miss Stewart of Bombay/Miss Grace Hay's Delight/Miss Gordon of Park/The Craigellachie Lasses
6 Canadian Barn Dance Auld Reekie X163:08 0 John Macfadyen of Melfort/Glen Caladh Castle
7 Duke of Perth Auld Reekie R32 84:38 34.8 Duke of Perth/The Lochmaben Hornpipe/Miss Gayton's Hornpipe/J.B. Milne
8 Duke of Perth (Encore) Auld Reekie R32 84:36 34.5 Caddam Wood/72nd Highlanders Farewell to Aberdeen/Scott Skinner's Compliments to Dr. MacDonald/Mount Stewart House/My Native Highland Home
9 Speed the Plough Auld Reekie R32 84:35 34.4 Speed the Plough/Fisher's Hornpipe/David Todd's 40th Birthday/Captain C.M. Usher's Reel/Pig Town
10 Speed the Plough Auld Reekie R32 84:26 33.2 The Silver Salver/Polly Stewart/The Piper's Cave/The Skye Centenary Ball
11 Retreat Airs Auld Reekie L2:32 0 Lochanside/On the Banks of the Allan Water/Battle of the Somme
12 Strip the Willow Auld Reekie J324:16 0 The Jig of Slurs/The Drunken Parson/Jackson's Jig/Saddle the Pony/Father O' Flynn
13 Waltz Auld Reekie W2:07 0 Cailin mo ruin sa/Ca' the Ewes/In Praise of Islay
14 Mairi's Wedding Auld Reekie R40 85:27 32.7 Mairi's Wedding/The Meeting of the Waters/Wha Wadna' Fecht for Charlie/Miss Murray of Lintrose
15 Gay Gordons Auld Reekie X162:15 0 Doornkop/Farewell to the Creeks
16 The Reel of the 51st Division Auld Reekie R32 84:35 34.4 The Drunken Piper/Captain Norman Orr-Ewing/Dornoch Links/The Highland Division at Wadi Akari
17 The Reel of the 51st Division Auld Reekie R32 80:00 0.0 I'll Gang Nae Mare tae Yon Toon/Lady Mackenzie of Coull/The Wee Man at the Loom/Bill Sutherland/Mrs MacDouall Grant