Album Dance for Joy! 879

Short name
Dance for Joy!
Recorded by
Reel of Seven (2009)
  • CD: - (2009)
1 Kathleen McAdam's Scroll Reel of Seven J32 84:43 35.4
Kathleen McAdam's Jig/Tenpenny Bit/Kerfunten/The Roaring Barmaid
2 The Music Makars Reel of Seven R32 84:45 35.6
At the Fair/Anna Mae's Reel/The Whirlwind/O'Beirne's
3 Tulloch Gorm Reel of Seven S32 88:24 63.0
Tullochgorum/Gillie Calum/Gu Siorruidh Gun Ainm/Captain Horne
4 J.B. Milne Reel of Seven R32 84:37 34.6
J.B. Milne/Jessie Stuart's Welcome in Dufftown/The Old Man and The Old Woman/Pointe au Pic
5 MacDonald of the Isles Reel of Seven S32 33:19 66.3
The Smith's a Gallant Fireman/James Lomath/Sands of Murness
6 The Hamilton Rant Reel of Seven R48 86:44 33.7
Dr Bob Smith/Dillon Brown/Master McDermot's/The Plough and the Stars
7 Teresita Waltz Reel of Seven W3:25 0
Teresita Waltz
8 The White Heather Jig Reel of Seven J40 42:59 35.8
Six-Twenty Two Step/Nelson Mandela's Welcome to the City of Glasgow
9 Scotch Mist Reel of Seven S32 55:20 64.0
Scotch Mist/From Scotia's Shores We're Noo Awa'/Cropie's Strathspey
10 Blue Moon Rendezvous Reel of Seven J32 84:47 35.9
Linda Henderson of Alamo, California/Stan Chapman's Jig/Fergie's Jig/All the rage
11 The Magic of Merrill Reel of Seven R32 84:42 35.2
Return from India/Reel de Montebello/John Keith Laing/Whitefish in the Rapids
12 Asilomar Romantic Reel of Seven S32 88:37 64.6
Loch Ba/Rose Villa Strathspey/Briar Rose/Avril Quarrie's Strathspey
13 The Reel of the Royal Scots Reel of Seven R32 84:47 35.9
The Reel of the Royal Scots/Kiss the Train Goodbye/Sandy's New Chanter/Itchy Fingers/The Moving Cloud/The Arms Dealer's Daughter/Andy Renwick's Ferret