Album Corryvrechan Live in Concert 964

Short name
Corryvrechan Live
Recorded by
Corryvrechan (2009)
  • CD: CVCD02 (2009)
1 Pipe Intro James Sutton L1:24 0 I Love a Lassie/Banjo Breakdown
2 The Muckle Wheel James Sutton M1362:57 41.6 Miss Moira Sinclair/Calum's Road/James Miller, Bullionfield
3 Orkney Mischief James Sutton M1442:46 36.9 The Rope Waltz/Snowflake Breakdown/Shelburne Reel
4 The Weaving of the Tartan Mike Innes L2:46 0 The Weaving of the Tartan
5 Clyde Ferry Medley Mike Innes M1362:54 40.9 Iain MacPhail's Compliments to Euan Kennedy of Scone/Phyllis Locke's Strathspey/The Green Dykes
6 Glasgow Weekend Mike Innes M801:31 36.4 Uncle Henry's Reel
7 Hardanger to Shetland Mike Innes M1202:10 34.7 Sleep Soond I'da Moarnin'/Faroe Rum/Hardanger/Stay a Little Longer
8 I Wish They'd Do It Now Bob Morton L3:26 0 I Wish They'd Do It Now
9 The President's Reel Bob Morton M1442:04 27.6 Bon Accord/Sma' Coal for Nailers/The Burning of the Piper's Hut
10 Angus MacLeod James Sutton M881:43 37.5 The Barren Rocks of Aden/Brown Haired Maiden/Teribus
11 Songs of the Isles Andrew Telford L5:58 0 Ho Ree Ho Ro/Joy of My Heart/Westering Home
12 Accordion Duet Andrew Telford L2:47 0 Haki's Polka/Miss Delia Graham's Polka
13 The Barnyards of Delgaty Mike Innes L1:38 0 The Barnyards of Delgaty
14 Wayward Roots Mike Innes M1362:11 30.8 Saut de Lapin/Cold Frosty Morning/Panhandle Swing/Sandy River Belles
15 Fiddle Solo Mike Innes L3:21 0 House in Rose Valley/The Hills of Glenorchy/The Knockdhu Reel/The Miller
16 Margaret Lindsay's Reel Mike Innes M801:28 35.2 Rambling Free/Eric's Puffer Train
17 Pipe Solo Mike Innes L4:57 0 The Plains of Normandy/Pumpkin's Fancy
18 The Shilling Reel Mike Innes R48 32:55 38.9 The Breakdown/The Ale is Dear/The High Road to Linton