Album Highland Airs


Computer-based CD players/»rippers« make use of public databases to obtain information on CDs like the CD's name, artist, or track names. If your CD software is compatible with FreeDB (as most are), you can use SCDDB to get accurate and consistent information for SCD CDs by pointing your CD player/»ripper« to

instead of the default

However, SCDDB needs a »CDDB ID« for every CD in order to match the CD with the database record. And we don't have such an ID for »Highland Airs«, yet! But if you own the CD, you can help by pasting the CDDB ID into the box below.

The CDDB ID should look vaguely like

b60eaa0c 12 150 21360 57975 79485 116187 129902 144320 170702 207302 228615 249605 271430 3756
(all on one line) and you can obtain it by inserting the CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive and running a program like discid to display the CDDB ID.

Note: You can't use this form to add CDDB IDs for »double albums« with two CDs (or more – if they exist in the SCD world!). Please send me the title of the CD and the CDDB IDs, and I'll add them manually.