Album Shining Lights 995

Short name
Shining Lights
Recorded by
Tullochgorum (2011)
  • CD: FAC832CD (2011)
1 The Legacy Tullochgorum J32 84:48 36.0
The Legacy/Drumdelgie/We'er no very fou but we'er gayly yet/Miss Stewart of Physgill's Favourite
2 Rest and Be Thankful Tullochgorum R32 84:50 36.2
Geordie MacLeish/Charlie Hardie/Hoptoun House/Bridge of Bamore
3 The Magic Airt o' Gow Tullochgorum S32 88:35 64.4
Niel Gow's Strathspey/James O. Forbes of Corse/Miss Admiral Gordon/Forth Bridge, The - Reel
4 The Rambling Pitchfork Tullochgorum R32 84:48 36.0
In and Out and Roundabout/The Boyne Water/The Wee Man at the Loom/Thurso Wedding
5 Campbell's Caper Tullochgorum J32 84:47 35.9
Panel Mine/The Long Water/Magnie o' da Daeks/Jock's Fiddle
6 The Lang Whang Tullochgorum S32 88:22 62.8
Captain Pringle of Yair/Mrs Murray of Abercarny/The Banks of Garry/Sir James G Baird, Bart.
7 Clydeside Lassies Tullochgorum R32 84:54 36.8
Clydeside Lassies/The Merry Making/Major Stewart's Reel, of the Island of Java/Catch and Kiss the Romp
8 Miss Stewart's Jig Tullochgorum J32 84:47 35.9
Miss Stewart of Bombay/Scotty Fitzgerald's Jig/Fiddlers Three/John Donald Cameron
9 The Shaws of Cambridge Tullochgorum S32 44:18 64.5
The Bonniest Lass in a' the World/Fingal's Weeping/Miss Maxwell
10 The Abernethy Jig Tullochgorum J32 84:47 35.9
Jim Anderson's Delight/Bob Macintosh/The Harbourview Jig/All the rage
11 The Old Rustic Bridge Tullochgorum R32 42:31 37.8
The Old Rustic Bridge/The Battle of Waterloo/Flett from Flotta
12 Shining Lights Tullochgorum S32 88:14 61.8
The Duke of Atholl's Forest Lodge, Glen Tilt/Invereys Rant/The Miller of Drone/Major Molle's
13 Miss Jeanetta McColl Tullochgorum R32 84:53 36.6
Miss Jeanetta McColl/The Knockdhu Reel/Forth Bridge, The - Reel/Hughie Jim Paul's Reel
14 Mist on the Mountain Tullochgorum W32 43:09 47.2
Mist on the Mountain
15 The San Francisco Branch Polka Tullochgorum P32 21:15 37.5
The San Francisco Branch Polka