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Andy Peterson on The Bennybeg (dance)

This dance is a brain tester for sure. Everybody hast to keep moving and know exactly where to end each 8 bar phrase. But it’s fun and challenging. Next time you and 7-9 of your close friends are bored by the thought of another D&D campaign, give this dance a go!

Andy Peterson on Half Measure Reel (dance)

I love the 16 bars of continuous half reels for all three couples. This figure should be in more dances. I would love if the center couple switched between iterations, but alas, that is not how it is written.

Andy Peterson on Paparangi (dance)

The “rights and lefts” for three couples is fun, but a bit of a brain teaser. Don’t forget that the couple/person in 2nd place switches lead (or takes the lead) after the first left and before the second right. If you don’t switch leads…woe to you! chaos will insue!

Edwin Werner on The Cranberry Tartelette (dance)

I think this is a good variation on Terry‘s original. I would only have used the English word (tartlet) instead of the French one, which makes it more consistent with tart vs. tarte.

George Thomson on The Magic Powder (dance)

A great warm up or ceilidh dance. Easy to teach, fun to dance, and just enough different to be interesting.

V Gardner on Nottingham Lace (dance)

The Book 53 Demonstration is unhelpful since partners are dressed indentically. Once the dance gets going it’s almost impossible to tell the men from the women.

Patricia Harland on A Wee Dram Before Tea (dance)

I was able to use this dance with my beginners by adapting it slightly. I wanted a dance with a two couple allemande but no other figures. I changed bars 17-24 and had 3 couple sets. Adapted 17 -24: 1st couple set, dance in and up between 2nd couple, cast to 2nd place and dance between 3rd couple to end in 3rd place. I told the class how and why I had adapted it and said that once they were confident with the allemande we could then do the dance as written. They enjoyed it very much

Jon Allen-Friend on A Leisurely Stroll (dance)

Beautiful dance I prefer the no hands version which is very graceful.

Edwin Werner on The Glenalmond Gamekeeper (dance)

Excellent dance. Personally I would replace the ladies‘ chain by a men‘s chain.

SCD Chemnitz on Chemnitz Loopings (dance)

The dance description can now be found at https://www.folkverein-chemnitz.de/scd/Chemnitz_Loopings.pdf.

Edwin Werner on Portnacraig (dance)

Good dance but too many half figures.

Patricia Harland on How many are there tonight, David? (dance)

Good straightforward dance that I use regularly with my inexperienced class.