Dance It All Started in DeKalb 10270

Medley · 32 bars (S16+R16) · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Sue McKinnell (2001)
880/800/844/844 = 44% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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Extra info
I started dancing in September ...

I started dancing in September 1994 at Fermilab with a group that had started in DeKalb, IL a few years earlier. This dance captures my experiences that first night. The first dance I danced was De'il Amang the Tailors, which is reflected in bars 1-8. Later that night the more experienced dancers danced Mairi's Wedding as a demo for us newcomers. It was that dance that hooked me on Scottish Country Dancing - I wanted to dance that dance! And bars 17-32 are Mairi's Wedding reels as I prefer to dance them.

It All Started in DeKalb 3/4L · M32


1c+2c set | ½ RHA ; set | ½ LHA (1,2,3)
1c dance down (2c up on [11-12]) ; turn BH | dance up to face 1cnrs


All clap and ½ Reel4 on 1diag, pass RSh ; ½ Reel4 on 2diag, pass RSh to face 3cnrs[pos]
Repeat [17-24] no clap with 3cnrs[pos] then 4cnrs[pos] (2,1,3)

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