Dance The Sound of Iona 10339

See also: The Sound of Iona (3/4L, Attwood: Ghillie Fits)

Medley · 64 bars (S32+R32) · 2 trios · Round the room   (Progression: Other)

Devised by
Elsie Craig
888/484/484/888 = 83% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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The Sound of Iona 3+3RR · M64

Round the Room - 3 facing 3

All set & circle 6H round to left 1/2 way, cross RH back to own sides
Centre dancers dance 1/2 diagonal reel of 4 with 1st corner (pstn), pass RSh to dance 1/2 diagonal reel with 2nd corner (pstn)
Centre dancers dance 1/2 diagonal reel with 3rd corner (pstns), pass RSh to 1/2 diagonal reel with 4th corner (pstns)
Centre dancers dance DoSiDo as corners change places RH on sides & set, both lines cross passing RSh & progress a 2nd time passing LSh

Repeat in Reel Time

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Murrough Landon
Added on: Sept. 5, 2019, 9:33 p.m.
Quality: Reasonable

NameDateOwnerLast changed
no hands (minimal hands) Diana Hastie March 10, 2020, 10:44 a.m.

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