Dance Finders Keepers 11031

Medley · 64 bars (S32+R32) · 2 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 21)

Devised by
Irene van Maarseveen (1995)
  • Skip-Change, Strathspey travel
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Recommended music: Her Majesty Is ...

Recommended music: Her Majesty Is Welcome

Devised by Irene van Maarseveen, Pretoria, South Africa; Nov. 1995.

This dance was born one evening during a beginners' class of one, Alexandre Filipov from Bulgaria.

Dedicated to Cooks Dauth, for the many times she has made me aware of points that I had failed to notice where dancing technique could be improved and who "found" the name that the dance has "kept".

Finders Keepers 2/4L · M64

1c cross RH | cast below 2c ; cross RH | cast back to 1pl (1,2)
1c lead down ; and up, staying in the middle, 2c step in for
2C Allemande (2,1)
Circle4 and back

Repeat in Reel Time from new positions.

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