Dance The Celtic Brooch 1125

Jig · 192 bars · 3 couples · Triangular   (Progression: Nonprogressive)

Devised by
Hugh Foss (1964)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
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This is a demonstration dance ...

This is a demonstration dance written by Hugh Foss for 3 couples arranged in a triangular shape. According to the instructions the women stand about six yards from each other, at the comers of a triangle. The men stand about a yard inside the triangle. All face partners.

Hugh Foss describes three different sets (of elementary, intermediate and advanced level). Every set comprises six figures of 32 bars each.

In addition Hugh Foss describes 57 varieties and other possible setting for demonstrations.

Since the publication contains so many variations with different figures for different levels of dancers, it is not very sensible to try to add all of these to the database entry of the dance.

The Celtic Brooch 3T · J192

Start in a large triangular set numbered (1,2,3) clw with W at the corners, M 1 yard inside them facing out to P. The basic pattern is: [1-12] W dance the theme while M dance one of the variations. On [13-16] all turn P 1½ RH. Then repeat [1-16] with M & W in reversed roles. Repeat [1-32] with different variations from the sets below. The detailed instructions (with diagrams) are highly recommended!

Theme: [1-4] All W dance in passing P RSh, pass other W RSh (or touch RH) & dance out between opposite M to next corner cclw from starting place (2,3,1) ; repeat twice to original place. The W path in each 4 bars is a smooth crescent curving R with 3 skip change, then turning in slightly, so [4] resembles slipsteps, to make an angle into the next crescent.


A. Elementary Set
1. Theme (only): [1-12] M stand
2. Following: [1-12] M dance out to P's place | follow{10} P 2 bars behind, speeding up for the turn.
3. Travel and Set: [1-4] M face cclw & dance to next M place passing W LSh | set ; repeat twice.
4. Set and Wheel: [1-4] M set | touching LH dance to next M place cclw passing W LSh ; repeat twice.
5. Its Me Again: [1-12] M face in for A&R ; face out & dance round P's place ;; repeat [1-4] & face out for the turn.
6. The Brooch: [1-4] M dance to next M place cclw (2,3,1) & next again (3,1,2) ; repeat twice (W pass M LSh going in and out).

B. Intermediate Set
1. The Brooch: see A.6 above.
2. In, On, Out: [1-4] M advance{1}, circle 3H ⅔ L{2}, drop hands & retire{1} ; repeat twice.
3. Marsh Marigold: [1-4] M passing LSh dance across to opp side & turn sharp L to M pl (3,1,2) ; repeat twice.
4. Eight and a Half: [1-12] M 1½ Fig8 on own spoke: RSh round P's pl ; LSh round M in centre ;; repeat [1-4].
5. Petronella Round: [1-4] M face cclw & petronella twice to next M pl cclw (2,3,1) ; repeat twice.
6. Interlacing: [1-4] M dance round next M pl cclw & return home ; repeat twice.

C. Advanced Set
1. The Brooch: see A.6 above.
2. Heads and Tails: [1-12] M BtoB passing RSh, retire RHJ with next W ; M keep RH (as W dance round), retire to centre & dance face to face passing LSh ;; face in & repeat [1-4], retire home RHJ with P.
3. Loops: [1-4] M face P, turn P RH as W dance in, dance 1 pl clw & start turning next W at the next cnr ; repeat twice.
4. Twist and Set: [1-4] M petronella turn to centre ½ way to next M pl clw | set ; repeat in the centre ;; turn on to next M pl | turn again home.
5. Wild Tulip: [1-4] M face cclw, dance out, turn sharp L, dance across to next M pl on L passing M LSh ; repeat twice.
6. Left Swing: [1-12] M dance in{1}, grasp L forearm of M in front with LH & swing{9} (left arms across) | return home for the turn.

57 Varieties: See the detailed instructions for many other possibilities.


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