Dance Nether Rumgally 11774

Reel · 88 bars · other · Square

Devised by
Mari Gold (2004)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
Recommended Music
Extra info
Danced with 4 couples and ...

Danced with 4 couples and four singles.

Written as thanks to John and Sheena Sturrock of Nether Rumgally, Fife (»Mari Gold« is a pseudonym).
The preferred Music is The Oddfellows by J Scott Skinner.
The recommended recording is 'The Summer Assembly' on 'Cairngorms', played by M.Johnstone & K.Smith.

The Summer Assembly Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith Cairngorms CD 6 R881:50 40.0 [S] The Oddfellows

Nether Rumgally otherS · R88

Square set, with 4 »single« dancers in the middle, each facing »his« couple.

All C set to Singles | RHA with single | singles ½ LHA in middle to face opposite couple
Repeat, to original places, but couples a finish a bit apart
All Singles Rsh Reel3{6} with their Couple | couple ¾ LH turn to promhold facing facing cclw while{2} singles cast out and L round their couple to places.
All C promenade round once cclw, finish making an arch NHJ with corner.
All singles dance out through gap opposite, cast R, and in under the arch into middle, swiveling R to face next gap clw ; repeat 3 times to places facing in.
1W+ 2 singles+2M & 3W+ 2 singles+4M make two facing rows NHJ (=1st diagonal) while{8} 1M + 2W following and 3M + 4W following dance round the line end, in through the channel and cast R to the other pair's place ; when meeting in the channel give RH, LH, RH. At the end rearrange the "channel" along the other diagonal,
The other two pairs dance likewise, 1W & 3W leading. All couples are now on the opposite side.
Parallel Lsh ½Reel4 on the "first" diagonal lines, starting with the facing singles passing Lsh ; the singles chase ½ cclw 2 places while{4} couples turn RH once.
Parallel Lsh ½Reel4 on the "second" diagonal, as before (all are in own places again) ; each C with own "single" Circle3 L, opening out ("single" behind) into
All circle 12H L and back.

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