Dance Branches Together 13353

Strathspey · 96 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: OnceOnly)

Devised by
Roy Goldring
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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For the Leeds and York ...

For the Leeds and York & North Humberside Branches who organized an Autumn Ball - November 2007

Branches Together 4S · S96

1s+3s set to partner & 1/2 turn RH
1L+3L followed by prtnrs chase 1/4 round set clockwise & dance in passing 2s/4s RSh into middle curving in to face 2s/4s
All dance parallel reels of 4 across but 1s & 3s dance only 3/4 reel & chase out to original places on bars 15-16
1s+3s dance R&L & end Man behind partner facing Ladies corner (4M/2M)
All dance Alternating Tandem reels of 3 across ending in original places
2s+4s repeat bars 1-32 (with reels up/down set)
All Set+Link, all Ladies dance (anticlockwise) in front of partner & behind next Man to opposite (Mans) place
All Set+Link with 'new' partner, all Men dance (anticlockwise) in front of 'new' partner & behind next Lady to opposite (Ladies) place
All Ladies dance RH across, Men dance LH across but end in BtoB in middle facing partner
All dance 3/4 double reels of 4 to end Ladies BtoB in middle facing partner (in original place) & all turn partners RH ending with a bow/curtsy
NameDateOwnerLast changed
Joint Ball 2016 2015-01-17 Irene Dracup Sept. 5, 2016, 9:08 a.m.
Christmas Ball Münster 2010 2010-12-18 Edwin Werner Nov. 22, 2019, 1:33 p.m.

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