Dance Central Park 13757

Jig · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Chris Ronald (2008)
840 822 888 888 = 75% (1 turn), 56% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change, Slip-Step
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Devised in December 2008.

The ...

Devised in December 2008.

The figure on bars 9 to 16 first appeared – as far as I know – in The Peat Fire Flame in The Bon Accord Book, by John Drewry (1968). It can be quite a flirty figure, so I sometimes call it ―set and flirt‖. The whole dance is quite flirty, actually, as 1st couple can maintain eye contact almost throughout. Central Park seemed a fitting name for such a dance - one often sees young couples in Central Park having wedding photos taken.

Music Any good jig. A suitable recording is 'Jean‘s Jig', on the Silver Thistle Collection, David Cunningham and his Scottish Dance Band, track 1.

Central Park 3/4L · J32

1c+2c set | 1c cast as 2c dance up and loop into 1pl ; 1c dance between 3c and cast up to face 1cnr
1c set to 1cnr | dance clw round P to face 2cnr ; repeat with 2cnr, finishing facing out (2,1,3)
1c cast R, meet, turn RH ½ fast, ; twirl R and cast R to 2pl while{8} corners A&R diagonally twice
Circle6 and back

Note: [1-4] is a "mirrored" Set and Link.

Central Park 3/4L · J32

Original dance description placed here with the approval of the author

1st and 2nd couples taking hands on the sides set, 1st couple cast off one place as 2nd couple dance the long way into top place.
1st couple dance down between 3rd couple and cast up to finish back-to-back in centre facing their first corners
1st couple set to first corners and dance round partner with skip change of step to face second corners. Repeat with second corners, and finish on own side in second place facing out.
1st couple cast to their right (around their third corner) then dance up or down the middle to meet partner and turn quickly half way with right hand to face partner (man facing up, woman facing down). Meanwhile, corners advance and retire on the diagonal.
1st couple pull right shoulder back, then 1st man dances down and around his fourth corner while 1st woman dances up and around her fourth corner. (1st couple give right shoulders to fourth corners, and finish in second place on own side.) Meanwhile, corners advance and retire on the diagonal.
2nd, 1st and 3rd couples dance six hands round and back.

Repeat having passed a couple. Note: On bars 19 to 22, 1st couple are dancing a ‘half turn and twirl’ up and down the middle of the set. Corners must advance and retire promptly on bars 17 to 24 to make room for them.

Central Park 3/4L · J32

1M+2M Set+Link while 1L+2L reverse Set+Link, 1s dance down between 3s & cast to face 1st corners
1s turn 1st corner RH & pass partner RSh, turn 2nd corner LH pass partner LSh to face out in 2nd place own sides
1s cast round 3rd corners & 1/2 turn & twirl as corners Adv+Ret, 1s cast round 4th corners to 2nd place own sides as corners Adv+Ret
All circle 6H round & back

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Eric Ferguson
Added on: Sept. 23, 2015, 4:23 p.m.
Quality: Informal/Social (RSCDS)

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