Dance Crieff Fair 1415

Reel · 24 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Thomas (19C) Wilson (1816)
880 800 822 = 50% (1 turn), 37% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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The movements of 1st couple ...

The movements of 1st couple on [15-16] have been much discussed, als on "Strathspey" in october 2013.

A summary of the issue can be found at, which says"


Crieff Fair Bars 15-16.

The wording in 101 SCD and the 1994 edition of book 10 differs from the recent compilation Books 7-12 (2009) which says "1st couple finish facing first corners, 1st woman turning under her own right arm".

Does this mean 1st woman turns left about under their joined right hands using skip change of step rather than the pas de basque mentioned in an earlier publication?


Miss J. Milligan was very definite about pas de basque in 101 SCD but this can be considered a ‘private’ publication. Since then no RSCDS publications mentions pas de basque which would have been done if that had been the Society’s intention. In these circumstances both skip change or pas de basque could be considered acceptable. However, if teaching the dance today, the appropriate step to use would be skip change. Although previously agreed that the lady turned left about, the key phrase in the compilation books 7-12, “1st woman turning under her own right arm” means that she should turn clockwise or right about using skip change of step.

Crieff Fair 3/4L · R24

1c+2c set and cross RH ; repeat (1,2,3)
1c lead down (2c up on [11-12]) ; 1c lead up (RHJ), at end 1W dances once R about under her arm and 1c face 1cnr
1c set to 1cnr | to 2cnr ; set to P across the dance | cross RH to (2,1,3)

Note on [15-16]: older text versions say 1W turns L about under M's arm, and some specify PdB. The Technique committee (has chosen for R about and Sk-Change.

Crieff Fair 3/4L · R24

1s+2s set & cross RH, set & cross RH back to places
1s lead down the middle & lead up & 1L turns under her own right arm to face 1st corners
1s set to 1st corners, set to 2nd corners, set to each other across the dance & cross RH to 2nd place own sides

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Martina Mueller-Franz
Added on: Feb. 6, 2013, 3:15 p.m.
Quality: Reasonable

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