Dance Miss Dow's Strathspey 14351

Strathspey · 32 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 4   (Progression: 213)

Devised by
Alan Macpherson
880 888 888 844 = 83% (1 turn), 62% (whole dance)
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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Devised by Alan Macpherson (amdmac ...

Devised by Alan Macpherson (amdmac [at]

"Miss Dow was a very influential figure in promoting and developing SCD in the Dundee area and some have described her as the "Miss Milligan" of the East. Alistair Macfadyen was of the opinion that Miss Dow deserved more recognition from the Society than was accorded to her, and Alistair suggested that a dance in her honour would be a fitting tribute and that I should write such a dance for publication by the Society. The strathspey, "Miss Dow's Strathspey", was devised by me and submitted to the Society in the mid 90s, but unfortunately it was rejected."

"The composer of the tune 'Miss Dow's Fancy' was John Reid (1869-1942), a famous Angus "Dancie" from Newtyle. He taught step dancing at the early Summer Schools and his Newtyle Orchestra provided the music for the Younger Hall dances. 'Miss Dow's Fancy' was first played by John Reid's orchestra at a Dundee Branch dance in the Training College Hall on the 14th December, 1934"

Miss Dow's Strathspey 3/4L · S32

1c+2c set & cross RH ; 2c followed by 1c dance down behind 3c, in and up the middle, 2c crossing to 1pl facing out, and 1c to 2plx in the centre facing up
Mirror Reels3 on the sides, 2c starting up, and end couples finish with loops (2,1x,3)
2c+1W & 1M+3c circle3 L, on [20] 1c pass Rsh to change circles (end couples keep NHJ) ; 2c+1M & 1W+3c circle3 R. At end 1c swivel L to face P on midline, M above W
1c set | petronella to 2pl ; All turn P BH (2,1,3)

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