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Dance Burnaby at Forty 14537

Strathspey · 40 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: 2341)

Devised by
Rosemary Coupe
6666 6666 6666 6666 8888 = 80% (1 turn), 80% (whole dance)
  • Glasgow Highlanders, Strathspey travel
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Extra Info
Devised for the 40th anniversary of the Burnaby SCD Club.

Note (additional to the book and the Manual). Collected by …

Devised for the 40th anniversary of the Burnaby SCD Club.

Note (additional to the book and the Manual). Collected by Helen Russell from staff teaching The Diamond Jubilee book at Summer School 2012.

21 - 24, 29 - 32, 33 - 40 Long steps to cross diagonally, shorter steps to cast.

Burnaby at Forty Frank Thomson and his Scottish Dance Band The Diamond Jubilee Year CD 6 S40 45:28 65.6
Burnaby at Forty 4S · S40
All set to P with Glasgow Highlanders step (right foot), pull back Rsh | Set to cnr (GH, left foot), pull back Lsh and M face out ; All M dance cclw half round
Repeat [1–4] and W face out ; All W dance clw half round (3,4,1,2)
All turn P RH ; All M cross diag to R and cast R round that W to next M’s place
All turn new P RH ; All W cast behind the M and cross diag to R to beside own P and face out (4,1,2,3)
Half Schiehallion Reel (2,3,4,1)
Burnaby at Forty 4S · S40
All set to partners (Glasgow Highlander setting - right foot), pull RSh back to face corner. Repeat setting to corner (left foot), pull LSh back towards partner. Men face out, ladies face in
Men pass partners by Left, dance anticlockwise 1/2 way round set
All repeat 1-4 with new partners and corners. Men face in, ladies face out
Ladies pass partners by Right, dance clockwise 1/2 way round set, finish facing original partner
All turn partner RH once round, Men cross diagonally one place to right, cast round next lady into next man’s place
All turn new partner RH once round. Ladies face out, cast to right round new partner, cross diagonally to right to face out beside original partner
All dance 1/2 Schiehallion Reels (2 places)

Repeat, having passed a couple.

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Summer School 2012 4th week display. Twice through, …

Added on: 2013-02-14 (Eric Ferguson)
Quality: Demonstration quality

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FSCDC Class 25 June 2019 2019-06-25 Anselm Lingnau July 25, 2023, 5:37 p.m.
Chelny 2021-09-18 Evgeny Salmin Sept. 1, 2021, 7:45 a.m.
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Barnstormer challenges George Hobson May 11, 2022, 12:02 p.m.

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User Reviews


Anselm Lingnau · Aug. 22, 2012, 2:58 p.m.

Taught (and danced) this in the Frankfurt group. It is a reasonable choreography but gets tedious 4 times through – you always meet the same people in the same places, the only thing that changes is who gets to be top couple. The four-bar turns in the second part are a bit of a downer and might profitably be replaced with set (common schottische) and a turn in two bars.

I could see myself using this in a display choreography but not more than one time through.

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