Dance Moonbeams Kiss the Sea 16035

Also known as “Moon Beams Kiss the Sea” (spelling).

Strathspey · 48 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 231)

Devised by
Gillian Jennings
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
  • Note: This list may be incomplete and/or incorrect.
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Extra info
The dance was inspired by ...

The dance was inspired by a quote from a poem by Shelley. “And sunlight clasps the earth and moonbeams kiss the sea, what are all these kisses if thou kissed not me”

Moonbeams Kiss the Sea 3/3L · S48

All NHJ set advancing, face P | cast R to places and face clw ; chase clw ½ (3x,2x,1x)
Repeat [1-8] (1,2,3)
1c set | cross RH between 2c, cast round 3c, dance up to face 1cnrs (2c up on [23-24])
6 bars of SetH&G into facing lines3 across | all set
Reels3 on sidelines, 1c Rsh to 1cnrs (2,1,3)
1c cast R round 4cnrs, meet, turn LH ¾ to 2pl and face out while{4} cnrs A&R {1+1} diagonally | set diagonally ; 1c loop down to 3pl as 3c dance up to 2pl | all set (2,3,1)

Editor's note:
Couples can retain hands ready to begin again from their new positions.

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