Dance Madame de Staël 16474

Reel · 32 bars · 4 couples · Square   (Progression: 2341)

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Luke Bradley
8484/8888/8888/8888 = 94% (whole dance)
  • Pas-de-Basque, Skip-Change
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Madame de Staël (1766-1817)

One ...

Madame de Staël (1766-1817)

One of the Directoire Merveilleuses, salonière, writer and essayist. During the years of 1803 and 1813 she was exiled to her family Château in Coppet alongside the shores of Lake Geneva, her was exile was mainly due to her opposition against Napoléon Bonaparte.

During the 10 years of exile, she held the most important Salon in Europe, in which the most brilliant minds of the time would gather and discuss the current day affairs, perform plays, read out aloud the latest novels, and of course dance!

Most importantly, in the Castle account book for the summer of 1808 Madame de Staël had a certain "M. Fergusson de Perrth à été mandé a donner des leçons de danse aux enfans", Mr Ferguson from Perth was asked to give dance lessons to the children.

One can only imagine what dances we're taught! but this also proves that everything that was "Scotch" was the height of sophistication.

Also when in London during the season of 1814, Herself and her daughter were frequent guests at Almack's the most elite ballroom during the Regency, and Scotch Reels were always on the Program.

It is however in my belief, quite appropriate that alongside the Noble Ladies and Gentry of Scotland, that Madame de Staël should also have a dance in her name.

Lord Byron and Mary Shelley both said that her conversation was like an avalanche of snow.

This dance reflects her in a certain way!

(information provided by the deviser)

Madame de Staël 4S · R32

1c+3c set and turn P RH ; all turn corner LH and all W face out
Full Schiehallion Reel
All turn P RH into Allemande hold facing clw | promenade ¾ clw (2,3,4,1)

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Martina Mueller-Franz
Added on: Oct. 10, 2016, 10:12 a.m.
Quality: Reasonable

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