Dance The Viking's Sheepskin 16792

Reel · 48 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 231)

Devised by
Rod Downey (2014)
444/444/444/444/448/888 = 61% (whole dance)
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Notes from The Johnsonville Collection ...

Notes from The Johnsonville Collection:

Devised 27th May 2014. The Sheepskin Hey is discussed in the last dance. There were two competing versions of the dance and I have recorded one as MOGGIE AND THE FISH, and one as here. The name comes from the Viking Ball, as discussed above, and began with a group of men marching as Vikings. All were wearing sheepkin jackets over their costumes. Again, the recommended tune is “Miss Gayton’s Hornpipe”. A suitable recording is “The Sound of Harris” by Andrew Rankine and his Band.

Given to Charlotte Williams and the group at Eastbourne, the former convincing me to keep this version.

The Viking's Sheepskin 3/3L · R48

"Modified Sheepskin Hey": The line of W weave around the M, first down, then up, then down, and back to own side, as follows: 1W, with 2W+3W following, cross, cast behind 1M, in front of 2M, and behind and Lsh round 3M except that the trailing W (3W), on arriving below 2M casts up, taking the lead in front of 1W+2W. The line of W weave up (Rsh to 2M, Lsh round 1M), but again the trailing W (2W) having arrived above 2M dances down, taking the lead in front of 3W+1W. All pass 3M Lsh, cross and dance up own side to (2W,3W,1W)
The M repeat the figure round the W (2,3,1)
2c+3c RHA ; 3c+1c LHA
Parallel Reels3 on the sides, 3c Rsh to 2c (2,3,1)
note: 1-32 requires fast dancing

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Nicola Scott
Added on: June 21, 2017, 2:13 p.m.
Quality: Reasonable

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