Dance Desiree and John 16794

Also known as “The Electric Pattersons”.

Strathspey · 48 bars · 3 couples · Longwise - 3   (Progression: 312)

Devised by
Rod Downey
  • Highland Schottische, Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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Devised 6th April, 2015, following ...

Devised 6th April, 2015, following a suggestion of Kristin which lead to the figure “Highland Schottische Balance with Turns”. Recommended music is “Sidlaw Hills” (James Watson 19th Century) played ABABAB, and a good recording is by the Sound Company as a “Set of Strathspeys Suitable for the Moray Rant” on the MC “Best Foot Forward.” (Track 3) An acceptable alternative tune is “Caerlaverock Castle” (Ian Homes) and an acceptable recording is to be found as “One for the Millennium” by Robert Whitehead the Danelaw Band in “Dancer’s Choice Volume 2.” (Track 6) Desiree and John Patterson are loyal Johnsonville members, and very keen cyclists, inspiring us to try to emulate them. Recently they obtained electric bicycles enabling them to do remarkably adventurous rides. So far we resist ge tting the s

Desiree and John 3/3L · S48

Mirror Reels3 on sides [1c out/down, 2c in/up, 3c dance in/touch hands/cast up into reel, all give hands where possible, fin 1c at top facing up/NH joined, 3c at bottom facing down/NH joined]
“Highland Schottische Balance w/turns”: 1c&3c ¾ turn BH to fin in line facing own sides | HS to R [L full turn (RS back) under R arms moving R] ; HS to L [L full turn (LS back) under L arms moving L] | ¾ turn BH [fin 1c facing down, 3c up, NH joined]
All set | ½ Circle6 to L ; M+L on their right turn BH | ½ Circle6 to L [fin 1x,2,3x]
2c&1c dance LH Ladies' Chain (i.e., Men's Chain w/L dancing as M)
1M followed by 1L, 3L followed by 3M chase to change pl; 1c&3c turn BH twice
2c+1c dance Rose Progression [fin 312]
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