Dance Pat George's Strathspey 17405

Strathspey · 32 bars · 5 couples · Square   (Progression: 53412)

Devised by
Pat Harland (2016)
  • Strathspey setting, Strathspey travel
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Devise,d by Pat Harland ...

Devise,d by Pat Harland for Pat George who reintroduced her to Scottish Dancing.

Pat George's Strathspey 5S · S32

Square set plus 5M / 5W in middle face P with backs to 4c / 2c

2c+5M+5W+4c (cpls in promhold) Reel4, 5c pass P Rsh to start, ending passing P Lsh
5M pass 2c Rsh to between 2M & 3W while{4} 5W pass 4c Rsh to between 4M & 1W ; 2M+5M+3W & 1W+5W+4M A&R
1M+2W & 3M+4W turn RH while{2} 5c turn P ½ (and twirl optional) ending 5M facing 3M+4W & 5W facing 1M+2W | all (cnrs NHJ) set ; 5M+2W+1M & 5W+4W+3M RHA, 5c passing P Rsh to end facing 4c, 5W behind P
(all cpls M leading) 5c+1c chase clw 1/2, 5c in 1pl | 1c+4c repeat ; 4c+3c repeat | 3c+2c repeat

(The set is now formed by (5,3,4,1, and 2c in the middle)

Pat George's Strathspey 5S · S32

Start 5s face each other in centre, 5M with back to 4s, 5L with back to 2s

2s+4s (in prom hold) +5s dance reel of 4 across, 5s pass RSh to start then pass 2s/4s RSh. 5s end reel passing LSh
5M dances behind 2s (pass 2L RSh) to between 2M & 3L while 5L dances behind 4s (pass 4L RSh) to between 4M & 1L. Lines of 3 Adv+Ret
3M+4L also 1M+2L turn RH while 5s 1/2 turn RH (& twirl - optional); 5L faces 3M+4L NHJ while 5M faces 1M+2L NHJ & All set
5M+1M+2L also 5L+3M+4L dance RH across, 5s pass RSh
5M followed by 5L dance to 1st place while 1M followed by 1L dance to 4th place (pass RSh). 4s+1s repeat (4s to 3rd place), 3s+2s repeat (3s to 2nd place). End 2s in centre facing each other 2M with back to 4s, 2L with back to 2s

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John Aitken
Added on: March 31, 2017, 10:35 p.m.
Quality: Demonstration quality

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